Twdrts is not in play Store as higher collection

hello it seems that #playersunited has worked 1 or 2 weeks ago before twfrts was between 100 and 130 as the highest collection, but today August 31, 2019 I have not seen him since he is no longer among the 500 games with the highest collection, so I I like to shake when we raise our voice and demand things to improve the experience of the game and that the game is not boring. but they still need to clean the servers because it has many connection failures, failures to take up weapons territories … etc.

they are rank 110 of top grossing with the star trek and wrestling www game in top 75 and looney tunes in top 25

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It’s more likely they in some way delisted the games earnings and rankings. If PU truely has had such a strong impact they woulda shut this game down quick to prevent it from spreading and infecting their other, still profitable, properties.

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