Twdrts artworks


Hope y’all enjoyed this :slight_smile:
Bonus for #TeamSandy


Very cool stuff!

One thing, not a big deal. It wtf did they illustrate Garret holding his rifle incorrectly?

Is he ambidextrous ?


@Tarapedia do you have all of these?


I dunno for sure but I’ve met some people who has discrepancy between their lead hand and “shooting eye” and they use different stances and holding positions while shooting, maybe Gattet uses a sided scope to ease the procces? He’s not ambidextrous but I am :smiley: Garret is just left handed, Sandy is definetly one who’s ambidextrous since she can shoot dual wielding, we call that Macedonian shooting in Russian btw



Thanks for these.

You should keep this thread going and updated.
Be cool if the Road to Survival wiki had presentation with these there.

I collect the Ascension screens.
Not as good but still.

Did Siddeq 6* Get one?


I’m just nitpicking lol

They look awesome bud!


Furthermore, shooting with both eyes open are also one of the strategies of fighting discrepancy, but I guess they just draw him this way so he could look more badass :smiley:


These aren’t yours, are they?


I don’t have it but I’m sure I am capable of finding it, just need some time to do so =)


They were made by a friend of mine and are consist of scopely premier chars arts and different roadmaps arts that were combined



Like I said I’ve saved the Ascension screens and made it a faction thing.
But these are cooler.


Javier :smiley:


Just needs some cool background and editing.
I always stick up for the less popular guys.

Siddeq looks badass.


Rosita has more dual wield pics than Sandy, I just noticed. They should dual thumb wrestle for the title of the best.


These are awesome Eternal Enemy!

Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:
Are they phone wallpaper size?


I put Javier as my lock screen and Maggie as my home screen. Pretty nice looking.


more please ?