TWD Wow, look how much character that revives



Okay scopely just could at least put an Erika to me I’m needing almost 3 years with you could you help me of course not no dude


You’re here since 3 Years and ask Scopley for somethink free?! That’s somethink not even someone who played a month would do. In which Earth Crater did you lived?


thats a relatively easy setup tbh.


These wheels with premiers are the best they have ever done. Yes it’s rng, but far better than the old days of rng wheel with toon surrounded by gear.

Hope a revive falls to our friend there. But alas rng is a b*


Honestly that’s what my attack team looks like but glenn instead of eugene and it’s always done me good on the hard teams


stop attacking with carl leader. did you get green abe?


An erika would be useless in that situation…



No.She is amazing character.Thats why everyone wang her.2


Explain how an erika would help in the situation above?


I want Hershel Guardian and Erika soo bad but i wont get them even from this new wheel i got 4 ascendables (3x Jessie and 1x Tyressse decap) DX


If magna has impar gun erica can recover impar from teammates.


Thats what zeke is for, and he has guardian 2, and trait advantage over magna, hunter and jessie. So nope.


Cute team, how about these ones? (all special weapons & silver/gold mods with resists)
How many more revives is scoply gonna shove up cashers asses?
As a PZ F2P this is beyond ridiculous. THIS IS NOT BALANCE and it’s just the same shit as it was in the 5* era(shield + revive) @JB.Scopely @Agrajag

Bellow is me beating the team above after a fuckin long time. SMFH


My revive team new not ttoo bad


I came from the planet called queens


Wthack great


Fair?. :sunglasses:


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