TWD: World beyond!

Seems to be about the people who picked Rick up in the helicopter, looking forward to this!


Seemed to me it’s just another spinoff series like FTWD but focusing on kids who were born after the apocalypse. At least they took the cringe out that was featured in the original trailer. I’ve also heard Andrew Lincoln isn’t going to be involved in a television series and it’s more likely to be a trilogy of films (according to Gimple anyway)

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This is supposed to be a 6 year jump from when Janis pulled him into the helicopter and what’s going on in other places

So is it the Commonwealth?

Don’t believe so. They are introducing the commonwealth story now in the original series as Eugene is talking with Stephanie. They also confirmed two more seasons of the regular series which should give enough time to close with the commonwealth.


so many damn spinoffs. they’re milking the absolute fuck outta twd lmao


That’s what I thought but I’m a little confused. Someone else said that this was the CB people as well or the helicopter people and I thought the helicopter people were the Commonwealth.

I thought the helicopter people was commonwealth… :exploding_head:

Really don’t think so. Could be but it sounded like Stephanie (commonwealth) was surprised to find Eugene. If the helicopter is from commonwealth, they would most likely know about Alexandria.

Yes, but in the comics isn’t it something along the lines that Stephanie is not supposed to officially operate the radio? So it could be that Alexandria and other settlements are on a need-to-know basis within the commonwealth and hence Stephanie may not know.

Already dislike Elton. the dude in the suit from the 60s he seems annoying idk why. Hope the main protag she seems fun.

I didn’t want fear to be good and now I’m hooked. I honestly didn’t start TWD until season five when I was traveling all over the world to work. It made hotel rooms a lot less like hotel rooms. Wake fear I didn’t want to watch it but ended up liking it. So I’m sure this one will beAlong the same lines. I don’t want to start watching it but I will give it a chance and see what happens.

Fear was great until Season 4. If this new one comes from the same pen as Fear S4+ then I have an appointment with a painted wall


Although I will say my main excitement from this new series is to see zombies outside of Georgian Wooded Area 04, that the stingy location budget on TWD can only seem to afford to leave on premieres and finales to more exotic locations, like a dark cave made of fibreglass or the ocean oceanside took 3 seasons to actually get.

I do like TWD but I’m really fatigued by the obvious cheapness of using the same 4 trees as location lol

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I was really hoping when they were teasing the new series that it was going to be the Chinese one.

But I’m onto the Mandalorian now. And the OB that is in the works should prove to be great. I have something new to watch if TWD fails to impress anymore.

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Same problem, AMC would try to capture the elegance of the forbidden city in Chinatown, Atlanta :joy:

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Typhoon is pretty good, i also like fear but as my name is, i am biased for anything zombies but would love to see typhoon on film or tv. More zombies, the better.

Lol same. I would also like to see outside the states. In zombie movies i always want that, how is China, Russia, UK, Canada, South America, etc. What about the rest of the world, TWD tho has been pretty closed of location wise. I wanna see other parts of the world, are they zombie free? Is their other Alexandria/Hilltops, etc? Any place safe? World war z was supposed to actually touch on that with a sequel set somewhere else, different people, so not really a sequel.

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Shaun of the Dead is close enough in zombie lore to consider authentic cannon as the situation in the UK lol

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As an avid Zombie Film buff, walking dead comic enthusiast and watching a screener of the tv show pilot very early on

i must say I havent watched the show or Fear since Rick was whisked away in the chopper

ive read reviews raving on how great it is, i also have the episodes on my HD sky box BUT ive literally watched repeats of Breaking Bad, always sunny and trailer park boys rather then watching new episodes of the show now

even the comic ending so abruptly has put a bad taste in my mouth. I personally do not have any interest in watching a newer Woke version of teen walking dead … thas jus me