[TWD Season 8] Weekly T.V. Discussion {SPOILERS HIDDEN}



Is your body ready? Show comes back on Oct. 22nd! It is the 100th episode!

P.S Anyone gonna be a Walking Dead Character for Halloween??

Spoiler Free Zone starting… now


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Also! I am so so excited!

Jen (my manager) ruined Shiva for me when we went to visit Robert Kirkman the other day…
My heart is broken.


Thank you! Useful to know.

I really hope to see some explosions in this premiere :sunglasses::boom:


Me too!

I actually didn’t realize the last episode was the last of that season until after I watched it and went to watch the next one… haha

Also… am I the only person that wished Carl died? Ugh.

Don’t get me wrong – he’s better in the comics!


He was my favorite in the comics!!! But now I’m not sure what direction they want to take his character in the show.


I think he’s supposed to be a replacement for Clementine in this alternate story – turning badass. But after all the upset and mistakes he’s made – its gonna take a lot for him to be badass in my eyes!


The premier is actually this sunday the 22, ill post spoilers… ok just kidding about the spoilers



If the beard was ginger, I could probably get away with Abe


Thanks! I was a week ahead!


Does anyone know who the man hiding in the bushes was at the end of episode 8x01? Carl seems to be building a relationship with him.

Was it Siddiq? ?

P.s. I’m glad I got my explosions :boom:


I haven’t been able to check it out just yet – but! We’re watching it as a team tomorrow!

Was it good?!


It was probably a Whisperer that’ll show up in season 9…or one of the Wolves from the Alexandria attack in S7.


Interesting prediction.


Yes :heavy_heart_exclamation: loved it.




Praise the comics.
This episode looked like a garden party.


Ok ok, my weekly episode post.

Anyone notice that the episode was heavily weighted on the morals and decisions that each individual character, (Tara, Morgan, Rick, Jesus) is facing in specific incidents. Coincidently at the ending scene, Rick runs into Morales (get it? Morals?) again from Atlanta. I wonder how he even ended up at Negan’s outpost?...

Furthermore, there was a heavy focus on
mirrors and self reflection… like when Rick kills Gracie’s father in a scuffle and looks into the mirror in the nursery

Anyone know what exactly the reference was to the red bloody text that Tara looks like in the Savior’s outpost?

What did you guys think of the episode? Any other tidbits I missed?
P.S. Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern: :ghost: :candle:


Diddn´t had the time wo Watch the Episodes… Did my Boy Heath came back?


Nope, he is still M.I.A`


I started reading comics and now the tv show seems so cheap and boring for me :frowning: