TWD Saints and Sinners!

Oh this is going be beautiful on my PC! Excited to see this game, how the story is, etc, also never heard of these devs so we will see, hopefully it doesnt end up like Overkills TWD game.

Isn’t this VR only?


Has to be some gimmicky VR catch. Just give me a console-based open world TWD RPG game already! Buy out State of Decay, inject franchise bucks and slap a TWD IP on it lol

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Yea it looks like its only VR, i have the rift and pc, looks like its also coming to PlayStation VR as well. Just hope it is optimized for PC and not a console port or an epic games store exclusive :roll_eyes:

I would love a gta or elder scrolls style TWD game! State of decay is great but honestly i would love for a team up of Techland (dead island/dying light games) and Telltale.

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State of Decay’s survivor/community system, with Dead Island’s… something good about with Telltale’s story, all on a GTA quality map. We’ll colonise Mars before that lol

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I’m sorry my vision is horrible but who is the developer?

This is going to be unpopular but I would rather it not be along the lines of telltale even their storytelling it annoys me to death. Dying light would be my preference with a little bit of kill floor violence. Mix it in with GTA size wise it would be a perfect game.

it would be very cool whatever happens when you wear the VR glasses happens for real.

Idk the dev, never heard of them and kill floor, you mean killing floor?! Dude that is my game! Love KF1 and KF2! The killing of the walkers in this tho looks a bit clunky, hopefully that is just the player and not the game itself

Yeah I mean killing Floor two2sometimes Siri doesn’t put in the right words LOL. We used to run a server for killing Floor 2. I’d have to look I think we still have it up

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Wow! Let me know if it is im down to play sometime, my main is firebug, medic only if with a good team of friends cause i cant stand the person who runs off alone or runs into a fleshpound and dies and then blames the medic. Berserker was my main on KF1 with that dwarfs axe, i bought that dwarf game just to get it lol

Man I wish I could play until I get this transplant I can’t see good enough. I’m having a hard time logging into my Discord to find out if it still up. It should be under EVGA gaming and there’s probably a Christmas special event going on right now. Sign up and try to win stuff

its gonna be shitty as all twd games are.

Oh shit ok i actually know the EVGA server, used to run EVGA myself but became an MSI fanboy lol and yea even tho i hate christmas and have a hard time around this time of year i really enjoy the work they put into KF seasonal events, new skins, new maps, new weapons, missions and cool rewards to earn, a think a certain company should take a note or two from how they do events

I am an admin for EVGA have been for about 10 years. I mainly run the battlefield, RS, team fortress two, in CS go servers. There’s not much To admin on killing floor servers. Just when we have people sitting in there getting time during our events. And he EVGA does have the best gaming events LOL MSI doesn’t do anything for their players LOL

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EVGA is great, just switched to MSI when i got a matching card with my motherboard and stuck with MSI since which was about since the intel core 2 duo/quad days and the AMD phenom, had an X6 phenom overclocked a whole ghz stable on all cores, was such a gem cpu and board. Sadly had a watercooling nightmare when i came back from the gym one day. But since then i liked MSI motherboard UI and MSI afterburner for my gpu, that is why i stuck with them. Cant go back to EVGA as i might be going team red for my gpu this time although my monitor is for Nvidia so i would need a new one of those as well if i want the extra goodies

I really don’t have anything against MSI. They make a great product. EVGA just pays me the big bucks and I actually do love their products. My rig is everything EVGA mix with the exception of my tower.

The main thing to remember in life is green is good red is bad LOL

What about that EVGA mini itx case? I wanted that tbh, my next rig will be mini itx, i like Silverstone cases, thinking of going with their raven series.

Lol i prefer team green for my gpu but red is killing it as of late, ive always been with Nvidia tho. Team red for cpu and team green for gpu.

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