TWD:RTS Streamers / Content Creators [Share!]


Hello everyone!

So, I was watching @Lockdown’s stream when I realized – we need a thread to share and appreciate those that create awesome video content for the community!

As a new player myself, it would be great to know the videos & channels that have helped you learn the most about the game!

Please share links to videos and channels that you feel deserve the love and I will add them to the Helpful Links thread >> HERE (Especiall those in other languages that are super helpful! They need love too!)

Thank you everyone!



@Justabox +1


Justabox Gaming


SinCity Steve with his pulls getting “Fuckin’ Doug” and Axel with "dem man titites"

JayMak and his good analysis

@lowratehitman, but he quit sadly

vanz gaming


Was nice surprise to see you there :slight_smile:

Heres another addition:



Previewing the new line of 2018 toons made ascendable


Well played, sir, well played


@Goddess has YouTube videos on the game also


If you click on the helpful links, her channel is there :blush::heart:


I know you’re probably busy mending broken hearts and stuff @kalishane, but any news on adding to the assets and other goodies in the streamer kit?


I have no idea what happened to Jay Mak. Just disappeared. Vanz is a great guy and I think he got bored of creating the same videos as everybody else.



I make mainly some contents on TWD RTS, but it is in French !
I do almost live in every war.

You can find my channel -->

Thank You !


Do they want free publicity of the game?


He retired from game


Hi, periodically I make a video about the update on beta and arrange streams about the TWD:rts for Russian and a little bit unable to answer questions in English.
Come, I will be glad to talk :grin:

:point_right: :point_left:




hmmm :rofl: