TWD:RTS LINE Chat Wallpapers! (Updated!)


When I first started I had some requests for Line chat wallpapers!

Wanted to share them with the forum with Rise to Power coming soon:

Rick & Negan

Rise to Power

Also! Feel free to add your own Line Wallpaper Road to Survival creations below for others to use. :slight_smile:



Def snagging that Rise to Power lol


Thank you!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Wow. Didn’t know I needed this. Thanks!


Awesomely awesome ty


You rock! Can you make some more? These are awesome!!!


I can definitely try to do more in my off time. :slight_smile:
Any art in particular?


Just anything cool! :slight_smile:


When we created our faction chat, I hopped on an image search:
Not on my computer so I can’t upload directly.


Gracias. Descargué 1


Thank you for bumping an old ass thread


Sincerity or sarcasm… that is the question :joy::joy::joy:


awesome thanks


I never knew i needed these until now