TWD: RTS | Hot Topics | Updated 11/27

Rewards Structure & Updates:

We are always gathering feedback on this topic and are thankful for any and all suggestions you, as the community, can offer. We are planning on implementing feedback and will be discussing and iterating on this subject consistently.

We will be also implementing Rewards questions within in-game surveys to help gather more feedback.

Small Population Region Re-openings:

After careful observation of the re-opening of Dade, we feel it is not in new players’ best interest to start in this type of environment. We will be looking into other ways to help these small regions.

War Matchmaking:

There is a team dedicated to the performance and improvement aspects of War & CRW. We will be making changes as we go in War to improve the player experience.

Existing 5* Ascendable Character Releases:

We are working on releasing a 6* version of an existing 5* very soon!

Solo Level Ups:

Solo Level Up Tournaments are occurring more often to offer rewards more frequently and make it so players don’t feel the need to hold onto toons leading up to solo level ups as before. We are consistently iterating on this to find a good balance.

We will be updating this as we go – it’s a little slim because I’m a bit low on time currently – but please feel free to message me with anything you feel should go on this list for updates.

Thank you!