TWD:RTS fanart!

Instead of a usual stats sheet I decided I’d give a mini story for her.

Darci was quite the trouble maker as a child, the class bully. She had to transfer schools many of times because of it. She later in life went onto costume design, particularly, masks.
She always saw masks as a capsule of a character, and would make masks based upon many people she met, though often twisting their faces into something horrid. She even started a mask shop, though unfortunately, two months later the outbreak happened, and she was thrown into a world where masquerading with things such as masks would prove to be quite the useful tool


Added some background details, to finish it off.

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You should draw henti pls


I cant tell whether this is a compliment or criticism :laughing:

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It’s a compliment

Interesting compliment😅

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What kind of hentai? And why?

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Gross. I hate anime anyways.

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Hating anime is like hating Jesus


Nice artwork, I agree with the hentai request


If you are making Hentai, please spare us the misery of looking at it by not sharing it on this forums! :pray:

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Don’t worry, I’ll just post my furry stuff instead uwu

If a weeb and a furry get into a fight and both of them die, you know who wins?



Looks like you stole the art work of raven and changed a few things.

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I actually didn’t use any RTS art as a reference when drawing this, and this characters pose looks nothing like Ravens… What are you talking about?

Extremely different pose, outfit, etc.

Emo haircut, eye tattoo, and dagger look pretty similar to raven’s.

I agree I aint a fan of anime myself. Also Amazing artwork

I’m telling ya scopely should have toons called Fan made edition and they get the artwork from fans and make them into playable characters @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely just throwing out there