Twd RTS content 2 fail

I signed in with facebook. I switched to the beta zone(without key) just to check other beta account. I’ve been getting this error since I passed.

who can help me ?

Might be that the beta is messed up. If you opted out of beta program before the update was rolled out to live game, you can’t enter again - need to rejoin beta.

Uninstall, clear cache, reset the phone, clean install the game and try again. Check if game works without linking to facebook (i.e. basic game working), then try linking facebook (to see if your account is working or broken).

If still not working, reach out to scopely support. You’ll need the account ID or at least exact region/player name and a receipt from app/play store (even the free SC subscription confirmation should be sufficient) to proof that it belongs to you. But mostly you’ll need godlike patience…

I reinstalled the game many times but it still continues, Clear cache. I didnt reset my phone cuz i dont think error’ll be fixed. Thanks for write

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