TWD:RTS 17.0 Update - Faction Onslaught - 10.5.18


Faction Onslaught Announcement

The Road to Survival team is excited to unveil a brand new Faction Tournament: Faction Onslaught. Is your Faction ready? Read on for details!

Why a new Faction Competition?

Faction competitions play an important role in the Road to Survival. They are a way to coordinate with other players, dominate the leaderboards, and get valuable rewards. Historically, competitions occurred in Regions, where factions competed against their peers. Leagues gives players and Factions a new way to interact, and Onslaught makes use of this by allowing Factions to match against a far larger pool of opponents than previously possible.

When designing Onslaught, the Road to Survival team wanted to take the best of existing Faction competitions, add some interesting mechanics, and remove things that get in the way. We are excited that Onslaught allows everyone in your Faction to engage in parallel, while also creating an opportunity to strategize and work together.

How does Faction Onslaught work?

It’s helpful to review terminology before we dive into Onslaught’s mechanics:

  • Battles are player-vs-player combat, with teams of up to 5 characters on each side.
  • Your faction fights against an opposing faction in a Match.
  • A Match consists of multiple Periods.
  • You can fight in Onslaught Matches while the Event is running.

There are four elements to Onslaught: Lives, Energy, Timing, and Points. Let’s walk through each:

Lives: Each player starts a Match with a number of Lives. You can only attack opponents that have 1 or more lives remaining. Similarly, you can only be attacked if you still have Lives left. You can still attack other players even when you have no more Lives left.

Energy: You use energy every time you attack another player. Everyone in your faction and in the opposing faction gets the same amount of energy at the beginning of the Match.

Onslaught uses an energy mechanic that’s a little different from other energies: players start a Match with an initial Energy balance, and if Matches extend to later Periods (more on that next), players get re-upped with more energy. Energy doesn’t regenerate over time during Periods, but you do keep unused energy when Matches stretch into later Periods. Your energy balance resets at the end of a Match, and does not carry over from one Match to the next.

Close to a win but ran out of energy? You can purchase energy for yourself, or you can purchase energy for everyone in your Faction! Better yet, pull your Faction mates back into the game and put their unused energy to work!

Timing: An Onslaught match has several phases: Queueing, the warm-up, Periods, Regroups, and a Cooldown.

Your Faction begins queueing when someone initiates matchmaking. Once an enemy Faction is found, you enter the Warm-up phase. During this phase, you can view the enemy Faction and its players, but you can’t attack yet. You may want to reconfigure your own defense team: take a look at your opponents, and assemble a team that can withstand their attacks!

During Periods, you are able to attack opponents. Keep in mind you can only attack opponents that still have Lives remaining! Your goal during Periods is to generate as many points as possible, by eliminating as many lives as possible.

Each match has a maximum number of Periods, and if neither faction has eliminated the other by the end of last Period, the Match finishes without an elimination. However, a Faction can end a Match earlier by eliminating all opponents’ lives. If all opponents’ lives are eliminated during a Period, the Match will end when that Period’s timer runs out. The “eliminated” Faction has until this timer expires to retaliate and to eliminate the other side’s lives! Ending a Match early (and retaliating when you’re eliminated) is the best way to earn Points.

Points are the most important part of Onslaught. Your Faction gets points every time someone defeats an opponent. There are some opportunities to get bonus points during those battles too - for things like defeating a new opponent, or for having fighters stay alive through the end of battle.

Each opponent also has an Opponent Multiplier that modifies the battle points described above. Similar to Leagues’ trophy multiplier, this is based on a player’s highest team grade. Players with stronger teams have higher Opponent Multipliers, so you can generate the most points when you defeat strong players.

Last up are end-of-match points. Your Faction gets a large number of points called the “Victory Bonus” for eliminating every single life of the enemy Faction. There’s an even bigger “Survival Bonus” when you do this while preventing the other Faction from eliminating all of your own lives! Survival Bonuses are largest in early periods.

League Rules and League Rewards

Onslaught is the first new Tournament since Leagues released, and we leaned into Leagues when creating rulesets and rewards. Onslaught rulesets (Lives per Player, Energy per Period, Timing, and Points) can vary by Faction League. As you move up in Faction Leagues, new bonus point opportunities are unlocked, you get more Lives, and you have more opportunities to earn Points.

Higher Leagues not only have expanded rulesets, but also have better rewards. All Onslaught rewards are based on your Faction’s end-of-event ranking in your Faction League. There is no Region-based ranking or competition. Place high on your Onslaught Faction League Leaderboard for valuable rewards, including Faction League Trophies and League Tokens.

Matchmaking will try to pair you with an opposing Faction in a similar League. If we’re unable to find a close match quickly, you may find yourself paired up with a Faction in a different League in order to get you into a match soon! When cross-league matchups occur, both Factions play according to the lower league’s ruleset. We’ll be monitoring the Onslaught experience and will make tweaks to improve Matchmaking over time. We look forward to your feedback!

When is Onslaught arriving?

Onslaught is in Public Beta now, and this new game mode will soon launch globally. We’re excited for Onslaught’s debut and hope your Faction enjoys the experience!

TWD:RTS - 17.0.0 Patch Notes

New Features

  • Introducing a brand new Faction vs Faction game mode: Faction Onslaught!
    • Be part of a faction to automatically enroll during an event.
    • Defeat opposing team members to gather points!
    • The faction with the most points in a given time frame wins the match!
    • Players can only be defeated a specific number of times in a given match.
    • Fully defeat all your opponents for bonus points!
    • Trophies and Rewards are handed out on a league’s basis.
    • Free Energy is distributed before each combat phase.
    • More Energy can be purchased for yourself and your whole faction.

Bug Fixes


  • Characters used for beating the last stage of Survival Road are no longer prevented from being sold or used to level other characters

  • Fixed some issues with the Mods filter

  • Other various minor bug fixes and enhancements.


  • Added the ability to tap and see what rewards are in a mystery bag that can drop from a dungeon as with other drops

  • Added the ability to long press to collect all Crates in Territories

Onslaught is Severely Flawed


Where’s the beta sign up?


Seems like a offbrand war mode and i bet the rewards will be shittt :roll_eyes:

Overall seems like it was a rushed event to earn a quick buck


So…Where is p2w/p2p crap here?


Lol you kidding


Trying to be like Galaxy Of Heroes lmao


lets hope not until Monday. New Beta update and War dosen’t mix very well


Rushed? Quick? This is coming in version 17 and right now we’re on version 14. This is 3 updates away.


And it’ll still be broken lol


17.0.0 will be the next release and entering Beta soon. There will be no 15.0.0 or 16.0.0 Release.






Really ? I mean : reaaally ??

Why not launching 20.0.0 right now then ?

You know, the famous update with territories working, no more crashes, anniversary tokens available to all players, decent events, decent event prizes, decent coins costs, decent faction assault mode, YGL scavenger fixed, roster enlarged, roster organisation pages, energy refills fully usable, a bunch of legacy 5* made ascendable, museum points made usable, territories attacks granting league points, multiple war sessions at once (6v6 and 8v8) into the same faction, a trading place for gear and weapons, a training place where to build any team with any weapon just to try it …



Before you add something new to the game, you should probably fix everything that’s broken first. But maybe that’s just me


Like Suply depo,prestege,Wars etc?


Just for queueing I can imagine a lot of stress.
This game has too much content for such a broken pile of MESS


Everything should be stopped till territories are fixed! I can’t have another terrs conversation. Ever. Not enough coffee.


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