TWD: RTS 14.0 Update - Leagues, Team Grade, and Public Beta - 8/30


With the 14.0 update around the corner, we wanted to provide additional details on the features and changes coming soon to the game. 14.0 will be going into public beta soon, so if you’re in our public beta test region, please let us know your feedback!


As we previously announced here, we’ll soon be launching a new feature in Road to Survival we’re calling Leagues. As a reminder, Leagues is a new cross-region ranking system that rewards players and factions for their performance in PvP. By participating in PvP tournaments, events, and other day-to-day activities, players and factions will earn trophies that will go toward their individual and faction league ranking, and enable them to claim rewards in the League and Season Stores.

Both Faction and Solo leagues will each have 5 distinct Leagues that you can move up through over time: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each League will have multiple Divisions. For example, there will be 5 Solo Gold Divisions – Gold I, Gold II, Gold III, Gold IV, and Gold V.

League Seeding

Once leagues launches, we will be running “seeding” events that will last 1-2 weeks. These seeding events (Solo and Faction Seeding) will determine which Leagues you and your faction will start in. Scoring in the seeding event will function exactly like standard scoring in leagues when Season 1 begins. You’ll be seeded based on the number of trophies (points) earned in the following PvP battles and events:

  • Winning battles in Raids, Wars, and Territories

  • All Out War & Cross-Region War

  • Raid Tournaments (Solo and Faction)

  • Survival Road Tournaments (Solo and Faction)

The seeding event is intended to more accurately place individuals and factions into the appropriate League and acknowledges the playtime and investment our players have made in their teams over time. We did not want to require all players to start from the beginning of the league ladder. Note, in future seasons there likely will be no seeding event.

Battle Bonus Effect

As a part of leagues, we’re implementing a passive trophy booster called, Battle Bonus. The Battle Bonus rewards players and their factions with more trophies per battle the stronger their team is. As you improve your team grade, the amount of trophies you earn from battles (raids, wars, territories) goes up. This Battle Bonus system will reward team improvements and acknowledges the efforts players have put into building a strong team. However, battle bonus and team grade will have no impact on the amount of trophies you earn from event rank rewards, which we anticipate will represent the majority of trophies earned for most players and factions.

Season Schedule

After seeding is complete, Season 1 of Leagues will take place over the course of eight weeks:

  • Week 1 (Qualifier) - Players and factions will battle in PvP events to qualify into the appropriate league division. For example, if you are seeded in your solo league to Gold League, you will compete during qualification to find out which Gold division you will start the season in.

  • Weeks 2 - 7 (Regular Stretches) - Six normal season stretches where players compete for promotion (and to avoid demotion), league currency, season store currency, and hard currency. Promotions, demotions, and currency rewards will all happen weekly.

  • Week 8 (Home Stretch) - No promotion or demotions, and players will compete for increased currency rewards.

Season 2 will start immediately following the previous season’s home stretch. You will begin Season 2 in the League you finished Season 1 in, and will have the opportunity to Qualify for the Season 2 starting division at the beginning of the season.

For more info on Leagues, check out the Leagues reveal post here.

Team Grade Changes

Currently, the strength classification of a fighter team is based on a “Team Grade” system that has not changed since launch. As we’ve added additional ways for players to upgrade their fighters and team over time (weapons, combat mods and leader skills), the Team Grade system has become less accurate in reflecting the quality of your team. Accordingly, with the 14.0 update we will be upgrading the team grade system to reflect the new increases in power. If you’ve equipped mods and weapons, and have a fighter with a leader skill that benefits your team, you will see your Team Grade increase.

Join the Beta

Please follow the link below to register your interest for the Public Beta:

The Public Beta is set to start on August 30th!

Important Notes:

  1. The Public Beta is available for Android only.

  2. If you play on iOS and Android at the same time, you will be locked out of your iOS device for the duration of the Public Beta, as your Public Beta save will not be compatible with the current version of the game available on iOS.

  3. Accessing this Beta does not guarantee access to future Betas, and requests will still be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

  4. The Public Beta does not represent the final implementation of features, and there may be changes between the Public Beta and the actual game update to come.

  5. Public Beta Regions are for testing purposes only and players should not consider them as a ‘permanent home’.

New team grade s9/s10?


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What is the rewards for being the players in a league divison? Will it be displayed if so.


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So what safeguards are going to be in play to make sure all players have an enjoyable time ? It’s entirely possible in this game to appear strong by numbers( default general) with garbage toons and weak by the numbers( never general) with superior toons/weps/mods


I have requested to enter the beta for a year and still do not give me access because they take so long


So i updated the game and im not seeing the beta region


Same here but the public beta is different from the earlier ones. I requested for 13.0 in the link shared like this one and was accepted within 24 hrs. The earlier request for beta is still not accepted. Almost 1 and a half year since I requested… lol


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I’ve been accepted into community beta but there’s no update and do I still get to play in my main regions?


Did you click the link in the community that directs you to a page that says “Become a Tester”? And also yes you can still use your main region @Maisie


Yes I did and thanks