TWD:RTS 14.0.2 Update Details & Leagues Schedule


Hey, how come some leaderboards had 4 spots for Diamod league and others 3?


They now have faction transfer for like 10 000 coins


I don’t think it transfers the faction. I think each person in the faction gets 1 key to move wherever.


Yes each Faction member gets a key that’s all


@JB.Scopely I just transferred to anothe region and my solo trophies and rank have reset. Was at platinum, now back to bronze with no trophies.


can you update the calendar please? :smiley:


Does anyone else think the Leagues / Solo rewards are the wrong way around ?
The way I see it you need to be in a decent faction to get enough tokens to buy Season Reward Mirabelle , I’m lucky to be in these factions but for those in a mid or lower tier faction Mira seems beyond reach right now . Hopefully this won’t be the case .


Are there any platinum pools qualifying teams to platinum V? We’re dominating our pool but only able to get platinum IV.
Does that mean we get promoted to V (against other winners?) next event?


Can we get an updated calendar @JB.Scopely?
It would help with planning out when to push in the league standings.


There’s no platinum V for faction leagues, next step is diamonds


Hey man this game is all jacked up now since leagues was introduced. Territories are worthless now, there is more overrun by walkers than covered by factions. People are quitting because of it. Please separate the 2 somehow


Thx, fiber to the home☺.


Can’t believe development time was wasted on this trash.

Atleast Scopely clearly killed interest like all their other new features by delivering zero value at the outcome of the season.

Happy to see leagues drop to the background white noise category with all their other trash.


not poor man but for those who are not stupid and dont spend real money on pixels


It doesn’t mean their poor it’s a saying


How dare you say that months ago. I’m offended!