TWD:RTS 14.0.2 Update Details & Leagues Schedule


Honestly didn’t know how that shook out. I’ve been in one region a couple years and only played there.


Thats how it workes in the beta


Leagues are boring and takes too long to get to one milestone unless you stay up all night and day to grind it. Allow us to receive trophies in roadmaps and other events besides raids please.


Yeah I agree. And I would suggest removing trophies for territories or let it be. Basically every mode that you grind should give you trophies. Just like how FA tickets are




Has anyone’s league structure changed recently? The diamond promotion range in mine was limited to the top 3 initially, but as of today it’s now the top 4. On my main region anyway, alt’s is still top 3 only.


It hasn’t changed for me. But I do note that the factions have had 4 for diamond and solo has 3


Yes. It happened with my fac. How does that work? We were 1 spot to promotion, now suddenly 5 is being promoted and we are in the honey pot.


I’ve noticed this as well,yesterday I was 3rd on diamond, then last night 4th place became diamond, but just now checking 4th is no longer diamond again so how’s that work :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure the milestones are persistent across the whole of the season not just seeding so you’ve until mid November to finish them. I think they’re supposed to take forever unfortunately.


Yeah I agree. If you complete your milestones in a month we will see people getting all the toons from the store and start crying for more rewards or more toons. I think the milestones are balanced considering the duration of the season


I don’t think 95% maybe even more of the player base will be on pace to finish all the milestones. The season is basically split into 10 parts. You would have to average 80k a part. Currently only people that have 80k the top 3 ish of each seeing group. If there’s 100 actives that’s 3% of the active player base. Also take into account we had war this weekend, so opportunity for lots of points, half of the 10 parts won’t include a war, so for those parts it will be harder to average 80k. In short… probably only the top 1/2 in each group will get the milestone unless something changes


That is true… the final milestones may be out of reach for quite a few but I have never seen scopely letting us achieve milestones without having to pay for cans . Be it an SR tourney or a raid tourney


Please no trophies for roadmaps. The way it is set up now works. Roadmaps are just farming…not competing against other players.


Sure, but with roadmaps you can get way more trophies and reach your milestones (considering how many it would be and how they would make it).


I don’t know. It’s about 2 months we have to get the trophies…seems like the grinders will get all of the milestones anyway. Best rewards will come from the last week. Sorry if peeps wanted a participation trophy, no pun intrnded.


Thanks for the good ideas to bring it. I know a lot more.


Question and maybe the answer is some where but I can’t find it… If an individual moved regions the faction seeding points stay just solo travels with you… I get that… But what if the entire faction all moves together to another region after the seeding event ends? Do we start at zero or what? @JB.Scopely


Yes…once you move you’re no longer in a faction…only solo stats stay with you. Doesn’t matter if your entire faction goes, you still transfer as an individual. Back to zero.


You do not transfer a faction… The entire Faction moves but you create a new Faction in a new region so points won’t transfer