TWD:RTS 14.0.2 Update Details & Leagues Schedule


It starts 3 pm pst, 6 pm est.


@IronandWine rip to this feature

Edit to add. I love when updates are released on Friday’s. Especially war weekend Friday’s


Saaaame … They never go buggy and cause us issues while the staff isn’t in the office… They just set us up for a perfect flawless weekend


This is possibly the worst news yet. I will miss you gigantic toons :sob:.

This they “fix” but they can’t stop territories from crashing and they made it part of the league scoring system. Smh.

Also, rip to holding onto a spot for any amount of time especially if you are a small or medium faction.


@JB.Scopely What will happen if we transfer region after the seeding event has finished? Will our new faction just be placed at the bottom of all the leagues and have to work our way up slowly?


Is there currently maintenance on the servers


When lvl up 125+?


Soon along with the new world maps too.*

  • Not true it’s all a lie I just made up.


I should learn from u, people usually get very salty when I use sarcasm


That’ll never get fixed or addressed!! Why??
Simply put, it’s bc this is one bug that they Benefit from!
Bc loss of NRG when you need it most will cause you to buy more refills.


From what I have read and understood from JB detailed post about league’s is that after seeinding if you change regions your personal trophies would be unaffected as it’s not Faction dependent. But if you transfer to a new region you have to start a new Faction so you will obviously be at the bottom as you would be a new Faction. But maybe JB can confirm


15-20 seconds to load??? Galaxy S6


A lots of this event through…



Just curious, what stops multiple region accts from placing
In leagues and then collecting
A ton o Coins to be used anywhere?


That net is fire bruh


I remember a while ago I had to wait up to a minute for that to load


Same on iPhone


I imagine it will be like player level increase with multi region accounts where only one of your accounts will get the coins…


What does happen to people who start to play the game after the seeding tournament has ended?
Will they get automatically assigned to Bronze?