TWD:RTS 14.0.2 Update Details & Leagues Schedule

im so pumped! the ezekiel looks real nice! its abit like fortnite with the specific season toons!

Mmmm no


Now we can see have more
Diversity. Like Mirabelle on ranged, or…Mirabelle for melee.

Glad to see the leader skill, just wish it wasn’t on an already leader toon.

lmao it is. hopefully they make mira and ezek only available for season 1 and thats it. making them having credibility

they are season 1 exclusive, so that`s what it means

ummm yes but havent they in the past brought them back for some type of event? thought so…

i haven`t been playing for that long ,sry, just saying. For now and the next few months at least they are and will be exclusive

@JB.Scopely when should we expect to see the changes in team grades?

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its fine. and yes for the first seaon they will be lol

Woop but when is it liveeeeeee

It’s already there. Im no longer s7+, back down to a s5++. And my factionmate who was an s8 is now just a s6++

in 1 hour apparently

Woop woop thanks :slight_smile:

no problem! always happy to help a woop woop brother :slight_smile:

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Woop Woop!

Complete sentence.

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No it is actually supposed to show on your profile your team grade. The max used to be s5++. It will go up once the new team grade system goes live

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Just 2 hours to go.

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I thought it was 1 hour

Pardon me if it’s in there and I missed it…but what about the bug / exploit that’s letting people equip two of the same mod if they do so from a certain screen? Is that fixed? I only ask because it may be pertinent information to have before war…

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Small adding to known issues

  • Territories may (sometimes, for a tiny group of players) crash the game. Since the beginning we doesn’t need to fix this.