TWD:RTS 14.0.2 Update Details & Leagues Schedule

Survivors, Leagues have finally arrived!

Feature Spotlight: Leagues

At its core, Road to Survival is a competitive PvP game. Players work incredibly hard to build out strong offensive and defensive teams with the ultimate goal of taking down other challengers for big rewards. But how do your accomplishments and performance compare against others in the global Road to Survival community? Currently, there is no system in the game that ranks and rewards players for their performance across all the various PvP activities and events. That is why, we’re introducing an entirely new competitive ranking system that we’re calling Leagues.

What are Leagues?

Leagues are a new cross-region ranking system that rewards players for their performance in PvP, and the daily activities and events they already participate in.

There will be two types of leagues that players can participate in:

  • Solo Leagues - tracks and ranks individual players
  • Faction Leagues - tracks and ranks factions

By participating in PvP tournaments, events, and other day-to-day activities, players and factions will earn points, known as “Trophies”, that will go toward their individual and faction league ranking. Trophies can be acquired through participation in the following PvP events:

  • Winning battles in Raids, Wars, and Territories
  • All Out War & Cross-Region War
  • Raid Tournaments (Solo and Faction)
  • Survival Road Tournaments (Solo and Faction)

The better your team and more you win battles and events, the more trophies you and your faction will earn!

Leagues and Divisions

In Solo and Faction Leagues, you will be competing against players and factions from all regions.

  • Both Faction and Solo Leagues will have 5 Leagues, ranging from Bronze to Diamond. Within each league there are 3-5 divisions. Every week, you will be competing for great prizes against a small group of players/faction who are in your same League Division.
  • For Wars, Raid Tournaments, and Survival Road Tournaments, while you will continue to place on a leaderboard against others in your region, event trophies will be separately awarded based on your performance relative to this smaller group of players/faction who are in your same league division.
  • Within this competitive pool, the players and factions at the end of the week with the most trophies will earn more prizes, and potentially a promotion to a higher division.
  • Those who reach the highest division of a given league have the opportunity to be promoted into a higher league. As you move up divisions and leagues, the prizes are even sweeter!

*All content in the above image is not final and subject to change.

League Shops, Rewards and Currencies

In addition to the recognition that comes with making it into the higher ranked league divisions, leagues will also give players a new way to acquire characters, gear, and other items.

With Leagues will come two new currencies that players can use to buy items:

  • League Tokens
  • Season Tokens

Players will use these tokens in the new League and Season Shops.

  • League Tokens are used in the League Shop is where players will be able to purchase gear, weapon parts, and mods using their League Tokens. As you climb to higher leagues in your Solo League, the items available for purchase in the League shop get better.
  • Season Tokens are used in The Season Shop is where players can purchase unique and exclusive ascendable characters, rare 5-star characters, and exclusive weapons, using their Season tokens. The Season Shop is available to all players, regardless of their League progression.

*All content in the above image is not final and subject to change.

In addition to League and Season Token rewards, with Leagues we’re also introducing coin rewards for competitive success! The higher you climb in the rankings, the higher amount of coins you will earn.

Coins, Season Tokens, and League Tokens will be awarded at every league for players, assuming you participate in both solo and faction leagues, so everybody has a chance to earn great prizes over time.

League and Season Tokens will persist across seasons, so any unused Tokens at the end of a Season will carry-over into subsequent seasons.


  • Faction trophies are bound to the current Faction players are competing for, and cannot transfer over to a new Faction!


Leagues will be broken up into Seasons which will be multiple weeks long, with exclusive characters, weapons, and badges as rewards.

*All content in the above image is not final and subject to change.

Season 1: Stretch Schedule & Rewards

Season 1 Schedule

  • Seeding Event
    10 days
    9/14 @ 3 PM PST - 9/24 @ 1 AM PST
    Seeding event will place individuals and factions into the appropriate League based on their performance.
    Solo League Rank Rewards: Coins, League Tokens
    Faction League Rank Rewards: Season Tokens, League Tokens

  • Qualifier Stretch
    1 week
    9/24 @ 2 AM PST - 10/1 @ 1 AM PST
    Qualifier Stretch will place individuals and factions into the appropriate Division based on their performance.
    Solo League Rank Rewards: Coins, League Tokens
    Faction League Rank Rewards: Season Tokens, League Tokens

  • Regular Season
    1 week per stretch, 7 total stretches
    10/1 @ 2 AM PST - 11/19 @ 12 AM PST
    Regular season is the standard period of time where players and factions compete in PvP events for Trophies. League ranks determine promotion and demotion.
    Solo League Rank Rewards: Coins, League Tokens
    Faction League Rank Rewards: Season Tokens, League Tokens

  • Final Stretch
    1 week
    11/19 @ 1 AM PST - 11/26 @ 12 AM PST
    The Final Stretch ends the season, with no promotion or demotion. Reward amounts in Final Stretch are higher than in Regular Season Stretches.
    Solo League Rank Rewards: Coins, Season Tokens
    Faction League Rank Rewards: Season Tokens, League Tokens

Seeding Event Details

Once Leagues launch, an initial seeding event will run that will place individuals and factions into the different leagues based on their performance during the seeding event. This means that you’ll probably want to be on the region and in the Faction that you prefer before the seeding event begins.

You can still move regions and factions during and after the seeding event and at any point during a season (subject to normal faction event locking rules), but be aware that faction trophies (points) earned during the seeding event (or any season) will not transfer over to a new faction or region if you change faction or region during leagues. Your solo league progress and seeding will be unaffected by any region transfer.

Qualifying Stretch

After the seeding event, players and factions will compete in a qualifying stretch. Participating in PVP events and daily activities will help you and your faction qualify for a starting division in the league you seeded into. In subsequent seasons, where we don’t anticipate running seeding events (subject to change), qualifying stretches will mark the start of the season and you will again qualify into a new division in the League you finished the prior season in.

Regular Season Stretches

The Regular Season makes up the bulk of the Season schedule. During this time, players and factions will participate in standard PvP events and activities across multiple stretches to earn trophies that go toward their overall solo and faction league ranking, and will have the opportunity to be promoted into higher divisions and leagues.

Final Stretch

The Final Stretch is the last week of a Season. During this time, there is no promotion or demotion, and players will earn bonus trophies for participating in PvP events and activities!

Subsequent Seasons

At the beginning of each season, players will start at the same league they finished the prior season in, and will have the opportunity to qualify for their starting divisions.

Season 1 Exclusive Rewards

All players and Factions will have access to the Season Store, regardless of the league you are in. Season 1 has exciting exclusive rewards:

  • Brand NEW and Exclusive: Mirabelle “Leagues Season 1”

  • Brand NEW and Exclusive: Mirabelle’s Adaptable Saw Blade

  • Brand NEW and Exclusive: Ezekiel “Leagues Season 1”

  • Brand NEW and Exclusive: Ezekiel’s Vigorous SMG


14.0.2 Patch Notes

  • Leagues

    • Compete against other players and factions, and climb your way up the ladder to earn better rewards!
    • Unique prizes are available when a new Season starts.
  • Team Grade

    • Improved the calculation to factor in Leader Skills, Weapons, and Combat Mods.
  • Battle Bonus

    • Keep on improving your Team Grade to earn more trophies in Player versus Player battles!

Bug Fixes

  • General

  • Fixed an issue where watching an ad could cause the background audio to turn off.

  • Fixed some issues with the Autofill button in some game modes.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Join A Faction’ mission would sometimes not be in a completed state when already in a faction.

  • Fixed reload after finishing the mod scrap tutorial.

  • Fixed an issue where button taps on a land plot in Town Map while the chat window is open will cause an error closing the game.

  • Fixed an issue where taps on the Menu button will lead to an error which crashes the game when dismissed.

  • Fixed an issue when holding down a + button for selling multiple of an item can lead to a crash or a freeze.

  • Fixed an issue where the Town UI buttons become unresponsive after quickly multi-tapping two buildings.

  • Fixed an issue where users were able to equip multiple of the same mod types. Users who had multiple mods of the same type equipped have had the wildcard slot unequipped.

  • Combat

  • Fixed an issue where multiple ARs triggering at the same time could cause a character to become large in combat.

  • Improvements

  • Added the ability to unequip or level up a mod equipped to another character without going to that character’s dossier while on the Mods Management screen.

  • Known Issues

  • Territories battle result screen does not display the acquired League Trophies for a victory. Don’t worry, the trophies will still be awarded to players for their Territories participation, and will show up in the main League hub, and will count towards ranking, they just currently aren’t displayed on the battle end reward screen. This issue should be fixed shortly.


The images posted on this thread are taken from the Beta, and not final.

They will be updated.


And I thought Davie’s model looked insane, lol. Look at Zeke’s disfigured hand!


Zekes leader skill :open_mouth::thinking::+1:t4:


Does it get launched with a .99c deal for x3 anniversary pulls?


Both of these characters suck ass! No offense l, but I will not be wasting anything on these booty toons


So zek is the poor man’s Erika lol


Yesss on the Mirabelle lead skill!!!

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I think both Mirabelle and Ezekiel look pretty good. They have very good and very usable leader skills.

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Exactly :100:. Since when did rainbow leads suck, lmao… Take what you can get from this **** company. Sighs


Hard to be excited about this given the current situation. #annigate

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We asked for more diverse leader skills :confused: I see this as progress. :+1:


Can you please repair War Leadeboard? It says “no wars at the moment” even when you receive prizes so basically there is no way to check your faction performance (unless you do it minutes before war ends). @JB.Scopely

Mira looks pretty average. Zeke seems really nice but wonder how much he will cost and how long will it take to get him. F2p healers are always useful to have for the other events like FA and SR.


Wtf are you talking about? Neither one of them has bound weapons

With no luck getting Erika to this point and still having to use Mira for my ranged def I will take Zeke. Problem is you know it’s going to take forever to get him just like Tara. It’s the carrot being dangled from the stick all over again most likely. Scopely doesn’t give anything good out for free.


The weapons under each toon. If they are just for sale and not bound then great. This also brings up another point. Why would anyone purchase them? They are terrible.

You could try to be a little nicer next time you are correcting someone.

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Their artists got too used to doing looney toons characters.


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