TWD: Road to Survival vs. TWD: No Man's Land: A comparison

Both games are two of the most popular games on all mobile devices (disregarding the iOS TWD: Our World and Telltale’s TWD) and both basically have the same concept with similar stories. One’s about the comics while the other being about the AMC series. No Man’s Land has a lot of supporters and the dev team are always ever present within the community and taking in suggestions in the forums (Proof :The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Forums). The game is barely P2W and you can get good characters for free, quick and easy and you also get to play premium characters as a taster for free in the Series-tied stories. Though RTS is better in field like graphics and characters, Scopely can learn a lot from NML.

Scopely: RTS vs NextGames: NML

    • Character Choices?
      RTS: 1, NML: 0
    • New Player Friendliness?
      RTS: 1, NML: 1
    • Customer Services?
      RTS: 1, NML: 2
    • IAPs?
      RTS: 1, NML: 3
    • Rewards?
      RTS: 1, NML: 3
    • Gamemodes?
      RTS: 2, NML: 3
    • Dev Sense of Direction?
      RTS: 2, NML: 4
    • Actually Caring about the Playerbase?
      RTS: 2, NML: 5
    • Game in the Long run?
      RTS: 3 (Not for long though), NML: 5
    • Game Quality (Graphics, Data)
      RTS: 4, NML: 5
    • Gameplay & Story
      RTS: 4, NML: 6
    • Player Base?
      RTS: 5, NML: 6

They both stem from the same story and basis and one is always on a higher footing than another one though Scopely can learn from Next Game’s customer service and tone down the greed.


Thanks for this. Neither got a point for rewards (I’m pretty sure that we all know which one would be getting that one). So 7-5 final score?

Finding a high tier gear or weapon with a specific gold trait and acquiring characters is SUCH a bitch. That’s honestly why I play RTS more.

They are very different games, not just in how gameplay works (raid-style vs. XCOM with Zombies). I’m not sure about your reasoning for some of the scores, so I’m giving some thoughts.

  • NML is incredibly friendly to F2P. They hand out both major kinds of in-game currency (one for various purposes, one for pulls) very liberally. It should not be a major problem for F2P to have all toons within a few months of playing; they rarely add new ones (2-4 times per year maybe) but F2P can essentially get them immediately.
  • However, it’s even more friendly to mild spenders. If you spend say 40€ wisely, you can get a huge boost. Spending the equivalent of the monthly pass will substantially improve your game, much more than the one big pull in three months you get in RTS.
  • The way the shard system is implemented in NML means that you cannot have a useless pull. Sure, some of them are not good and give you barely anything, but never nothing.
  • They tend to respond to the community. That doesn’t mean that they will always implement what people ask for, but I’ve often seen people ask for particular changes, or to have a Eugene wheel or a particular weapon offer available, and then it’s live in game within the next few days. I’ve seen people e unhappy about a particular weapon in a collection event, CM asking what people would have preferred, and then the event being changed to the consensus weapon (while saying that they can’t promise they will do that every time, of course).

That said, there are things in NML that completely go against the consensus here, and I think it would be a very frustrating game for many people posting here.

  • rank rewards in NML are infinitely worse than in RTS - there aren’t any. Think about how many people are complaining that there’s no reason in RTS to push hard and get first place, esp. in war, because you don’t get an exclusive toon. In NML, you get nothing special. Instead, everything is based on (essentially limitless) individual and faction milestones, and for the main gameplay mode, they are bottom-heavy - they don’t get much better as your score improves, but they do get further apart - pushing further gives you only small advantages, except bragging rights.
  • Progression is sloooooooooooow. I’ve played almost 2 1/2 years and my camp is nowhere near maxed, an once I get close they usually add another level. Just a few of my most-used toons are anywhere near max level. I have tons of good weapons and armor, sometimes even ones I bought with real money, lying around unused and unupgraded, just because I have nowhere near enough XP, and the little I get needs to go to more urgent things. This ties into the next point
  • The game can be insanely grindy. Lots of people were complaining about this with regard to the weekly challenge, and they mostly fixed that. But if you want to get anywhere with regard to food and xp, what you need to do is scavenge a lot, like insane amounts. There is no autoplay, so you have to replay the same easy and boring maps thousands of times. About once a month they have a double scavenging rewards event on monday/tuesday, so you better hope that you can play a whole day then, replaying the same stages bored out of your mind, because at least it will go by a little more quickly.
  • Maxing toons is barely possible. After you 5* a toon and all traits, you can turn the stars pink, but the cost increases every time. Only a handful of people have a fully maxed hero I think. People here are mad about having to get 5 GPS and canteens to max their Priya; the equivalent to NML would be that T2 would cost 20k cones, T3 40k cones, and T4 80k cones.
  • The game is heavy on RNG. Mods and their equivalent are a good example - you have 6 slots in NML, which are not tied to particular effect type, and 5 sets, and the effects sizes are also random (set matches give 20% extra efficiency), plus there’s a random bonus condition. People have even figured out how to predict what effect you will get, and it’s still incredibly difficult to get what you need; especially as 5* badges are about as difficult to get as platinum mods. Weapons and armor that you do not buy or win in an event have random effects, so getting a good one can take ages (and, unless you can get enough of the special upgrade currency, you will quickly outgrow them)
  • They have regular small events (think free mod removal, double scavence rewards, quicker energy refresh etc.), but major events like collection stuff is very rare - people here ask what’s wrong if there’s no multi-week event for a couple of days, NML has 2-month breaks.
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No mans land game play is so bad. For all the faults the scoeply has, theming thing they did well was create a fun raid system.

There’s absolutely no way you can compare NML with :poop: I mean rts .
All the rewards in No man’s land are Radios .
Radios are the equivalent of gold in rts .
You can even drop Radios in world maps .

Imagine scopley give a map that drop golds ?
Hope you see the comparison now .

No Man’s Land is ugly, and massively boring.
I quit that garbage after a day.


Love no man’s land and spend quite a bit on it bc of this. They are way better ppl. That said, I love RTS’s characters and the way we can raid each other and war. Attacking someone’s camp for supplies isn’t the same. Which is why I put up with RTS. Tbh. Lol.I love the game I just wish that the owners of NML would but out Scopes. We may even get a better Carol and Darryl outta it! Lol.

Nice pfp, Shadman