TWD Final Season NOT canceled


Robert Kirkman and Skybound games have ofically confirmed that they’ll be taking on the development of the last 2 episodes of the Final Season!
This is a very welcome comeback from seemingly certain doom after TellTale’s closure 2 weeks ago.

TFS has been of outstanding quality so far, so go buy it if you get the chance.
And maybe with more risk on their behalf Skybound will make Scopely drop some more TTG content to generate hype for it. I certainly wouldn’t mind. :wink:



i was 100% certain that Skybound will get involved from the start, they were partners after all


Wish skybound would save rts while they are at it.


Great News and I really would love a Abel Toon, he’s just such hateable Villain


Hope we see lilly painful death!!!


I have a feeling that something will get lost in translation. It just won’t be the same.


As soon as they’re ported to the switch, I’ll buy them


He’ll have Tenacity II: you have to hit him 27 times before he actually dies


Dies? Come on he’s literally unkillable :grin:


Honestly how are you gonna survive a broken leg, slashed hand (optional), hole in your foot, and a dog almost tearing your other arm off? That dude is invincible.


Exactly. I hope we get a choice to keep him Alive or kill him like with Randall. I’ll defenitly keep him Alive :joy: