TWD episode tonight

Was damn good! Alpha and Betas and the whisperers orgin story, wow! I liked how it went from past to present to past to present also.

Anyone watch it and what did you think?


It was cool,I agree.

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I enjoyed it as well. The mask thing was kind of crazy but a lot more makes sense now with him. Did you guys watch the talking dead afterwards? Seems as if Beta might have been someone important before the zombie apocalypse.


Yes i love watching talking dead also. He seems military with the way he acts. Also love the actor, great guy who always plays the bad guy role

I think something may be wrong with his face but not sure :thinking:


On the talking dead last night they alluded to the fact that he may be a famous person. It was rather cryptic how Ryan had said it but that’s what it seems like. By the way gamma is awesome.

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Beta will be revealed to be actually in fact Ryan Hurst lol

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That’s kind of what they said last night in the Alpha was a huge Sons of Anarchy fan LOL

I have never watched an episode of Sons of anarchy, is it really that good? Growing up with a biker dad I kind of felt like I lived.

Haven’t seen it myself

Watch sons of anarchy now! And then watch myans! Its so damn good!

Hate to be a spoiler here, but anyone who has read the comic knows that Beta was a famous professional basketball player before the apocalypse started. But with this being the TV series, we will see if they keep his past profession the way it was originally written.

But yes, last night’s episode was a great one!

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That’s the thing lol they kinda do whatever they want

But with his sheer size it would lend more to the story to keep it the same unless of course he was a professional wrestler. Undertaker anybody LOL

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Does anybody else find it weird that the man is so big and as a vegan? Just wanted a little funny

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Lol yea he kinda just shows meat isnt needed but protein but yea he is a big guy and i was kinda shocked when he said he was vegan

I believe him and I are about the same build. I tried the vegetarian lifestyle for a while and I look like I was anorexic. There must be some sort of secret to keep it up like that and not needing any meat. Anyway they cast him perfectly big guys with beards are awesome. Since I am one of them

Yeah the secret is to be a rich guy who can afford the right trainers dieticians and doctors.

Im a big guy like him also, tried vegetarian for a few years actually and thinking of trying vegan soon. I was also taking supplements and working out heavy (strong man training) but i dont think i will ever be small/little, etc no matter what but he prob takes supplements or protein powders.

It was awful

i’m so sad about the pretty girl dying. she was so pretty, she was kind, she was funny, she was a girl and she almost killed the evil Alpha