Tutor governor ready for an upgrade?

cant see any other reason why this useless relic would be dragged out of the cobwebs unless everyone can potentially have an upgrade to him, especially with all the ascendance coins this map, any thoughts?

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I just think it’s because of the training ground issues from the first part of the event with so many people’s roster capacity way way more so a lot wasn’t able to collect the 10 from training ground mission for the letter T


I can’t find the Toon to get the letter “T” ? Is it the yellow Governor with Tutor ? I don’t have him! Some people are saying to level up Michonnne or Maggie with Tutor or Gatherer ? Please help me I need this last one to complete everything! Thanks , Mike

Governor is free in the roadmap that’s up. But yes, I think it’s only him

You have to level up 10 times to get the letter t for Tyrese

On the roadmap when you complete it you get tutor governor. When you get him level him up 10 times and the mission will be completed (:

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