Turning an Oops to a positive

Leaving the gear requirement from earlier is also an option and a healthier playerbase outcome.

Next month you release a new toon requiring subscription. And players either stay subscribed or subscribe once more. Meanwhile you share exclusive gear maps to encourage players to remain rather than canceling.

Basically they could turn a mistake to a positive experience while minimizing revenue impact of this oops. But hey that’d be too strategic.

  • I’ll be a sustaining club member regardless
  • I’d definitely become a sustaining club member if this happened, currently will not planning to
  • I’d be more likely to become a sustaining member, currently on the fence.
  • I’d be happy, but I still wouldn’t be a sustaining club member

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So few words here. I’m sure it’s being expressed elsewhere.

yeah, they made a big no no mistake here when they decided that this of all things was worth a roll back for when there have been bigger mistakes in the past that they left alone, I really dont think they care about there player base anymore now and just trying to get as many people to quit game as possible


This was my first thought, leave it as is and just release the next toon that is probably already made anyway.
Today is the first day in ages where the majority of players seemed to actually be happy, the day before thanksgiving. So scopely decided to take all that good will and flush away another chunk of their player base instead.
Not only will we all lose out on the rollback but a lot of people will leave the game. Again. Because scopely can’t get out of their own way.
Happy customers spend more, it’s not even debatable:

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Where’s the “I’m still outraged and wouldn’t be a sustaining club member”

I considered that and even wrote it, but thought it conflicted with the other will not choice.

Went with the more neutral%passive statement options.

Kinda very confused poll IMO don’t get much of an answer from that no offence wanderer

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Can’t you see what they’ve done, a holiday miracle they have united us all, the unlucky( like me) the richers, the lucky af’s and the vk crowd who will likely see an increase in bidness. Happy holidays fades away

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