Turn these forums silent!

Everyone needs to keep anything constructive or any ideas that they have on how the game can improve to themselves. DO NOT tell scopley what the game needs or what you personally want, if enough people agree with you you can guarentee within a few weeks the only way to get what you suggested or requested will be to pay for it. Don’t do scopley a job for them, let them earn their money and actually engage their brains for once.


Actually, they do need player feedback and discussion to improve. Even if they cannot whole-heartedly consider and take every single suggestion down to its finest detail, it is helpful to know in general what the player base wants. Having devs here answering questions and engaging with the community is a positive thing. Many players may disagree with other aspects of the game but I think this is one thing we can all agree on.

I will be closing the thread but please feel free to contribute to other threads in a more helpful manner. Thanks :slight_smile: