Turn these forums silent cont


Im sure they do need our feedback, how else would they know how to maximise $$$$ because they sure as hell don’t have a origional creative thought.

And FYI it’s a real cowards trick closing a topic without giving people the right of reply.


My inbox is open 24/7 :slight_smile:


Just to clarify, his/her topic was a suggestion to “keep silent”. This is not a suggestion to improve the game that we play. Do you agree?

There are countless threads dedicated to individual points of improvements.


I’m sorry, for a year I saw posts on the forum asking to be more connected, in touch, and updated by developers with what is going on with the game.

A forum post about the community being silent and keeping ideas to themselves does not support the common goal of a more open dialogue.


You mean that silence removes your main source of information on player troubles that you can exploit for $$$


I will keep the thread open for you to discuss how “community silence” can improve the overall communication between both parties.

Please stay within the guidelines and my inbox is open :slight_smile:


I think there is an honest discussion to be had here. If scopely will participate.

I agree with OP that a lot of the time it seems like they find out what is desired by players and then instead of helping make those items attainable like we are asking, they instead make the items harder to attain. they are trying to keep items That will make money artifically scarce.

My example: remember how excited everyone was about 5x ECT dropping in raids? Tons of threads asking how long it would last. Scopely realized we liked the drop rate too much and nerfed it.

Another example was the 250k milestone for lvl up with DT and PK. Right after the letter from the GM they did this, and once they saw how happy everyone was with it, the decide never to do it again.

So maybe OP is right and we should be careful about what we post.


This guy gets it.


Yes to be clear, maybe if we had ‘stayed silent’ on how much we liked the ECT on raid they wouldn’t have nerfed it the following days when it was planned.

So yes. Staying silent is a possible strategy for helping to improve the game.


And that is fine, obviously no one can control what others decide to share in terms of suggestions.


I know you’re working with Scopely now so your objectivity is off a bit but the OP makes an excellent point about how Scopely uses this forum not for the player’s benefit but their own. And I’m sorry when have the developers actually gotten on here to communicate with us or address anything. They just give Shane an asinine answer to feed us like we are completely clueless on a game we’ve played for two years.


I got my Abe and Javier through the 1M milestones. I think if the milestone is not interesting, it is better to skip it until something more favorable appears.


Completely agree, positive stuff in game shouldn’t be part of any topic, scopely is considering every positive aspect of game as exploit or possibly option to nerf and move to “special offers” . Most did understand it and most topics are there to point out what is wrong with the game.


I am a player first and a very old player. Trust me when I say that it is not perfect and that I too roll with the punches. I understand this post’s points about “not giving them any ideas” as they would turn them around against players. This us vs. them mindset is at its core, one of the issues between the relationship of both parties.

Instead of holding onto the past, I think some should move forward.


The past was fine, the present is the problem.


Please use the “Dev Tracker” tab on our main page.


By all means, let the past go - there’s more than enough examples of this right here in the present. Reference the 5* wheel changes for a nice, timely example.


The past: No guarantee stash premieres, and no guarantee of achieving the promo character even after people did 5+ maximum pulls.

I actually like the change to premiere wheel that has happened.


The only changes, like the ones you mentioned, are purely motivated by $$$$ there have been no changes that make things better for us. You’ve basically spat on everyone that’s spent ridiculous amounts of money on pulls by invalidating all of their investments with 6*, you’ve made all the effort in gaining unique war prizes pointless to name a few


I think OP made this post in response to the 5s Token wheel change. Many threads on here asking for increases chances at 6s Carl.

And what happens? Carl get a box you can coin for and gets switched from 5s tokens to premier recruits.

It could be a coincidence, but like I said I have seen examples of instances like this before and find it hard to believe it has been a coincidence each time.