Turn 3 onwards all toons will have 300% defence with Jessie

And no way to counter it since it also has def down block.
Combine that with 50% hp gain every turn.
She rushes again before it’s even finished, so once she rushes, you are pretty much screwed unless you run a bleed/burn/maim team or have a Bide/Payback character (even then, the AI seems reasonably smart enough to rarely activate Payback).

That is INSANE levels of OP!

Opening this thread to talk about how OP the toon is, not to talk about the fact they changed it when they claimed they couldn’t change cards, that’s being discussed plenty elsewhere. What seems to be being missed though is how incredibly OP she is.

Face her when she is alongside Mia and Pete, hell - even face her when she is alongside Mercer or behind 2 Shields and you aren’t taking that team down in 3 minutes.
Unless of course you target her straight away. But she’s alert so you risk being stunned. Even then, you are having your strategy dictated to you. Those control toons you had before that were there to deal with the shield or early powerful AS users - they have to target her now because if she gets that rush off and you aren’t stacked with bleed/burn/maim, you are done for! The last few months of Promo releases have hammered potential strategies into a narrower and narrower tunnel to be successful, this is the heaviest hit of that hammer so far.


F2p will struggle with her but I mean let’s be honest, that’s nothing new at this point. P2P shouldn’t have much trouble. She will be taken out turn two. Her only chance of going off is if she’s revived (which is a whole different stupid story, revive toons should lose their AR).


There are so many top teams with Mia and/or Pete that that will very likely happen.
But you are proving my point in your reply - they will have to go after her 1st, narrowing whatever choice of strategy they can implement (eg: who else they can go after 1st).
I’m not saying she is the most OP toon released so far (not far from it though imo), I’m saying she’s the toon which will narrow the amount of choice players can make in a raid/war, which takes the game down the route of less strategy and more point and click.

I mean personally… I wouldn’t put her in my team over double Mia or double negan if it were me. She can easily be one shorted after a diego rush on turn two.

Yellow shiva does not care about defense

Regina does not care about defense

No problem


That active goes hand in hand with bide…

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Basically we are being forced to use bleed/burn teams :man_shrugging:


And this is another thing. Players at the top use auto zach. This character isn’t helping that.

Exactly my point, as @Karl_Vella put quite nicely further on. Choice is being taken away if you want to be successful. You will have to run maim/bleed/burn teams.

Honestly… bide is just a monster on its own and doesn’t really need help from Jessie haha. So I don’t think it changes much.

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Good job we have Sergio on the way, he’ll stomp these teams for fun.


If my account didnt have the death mark when it comes to pulls i would have a zach :sob:

That toon still makes 99% of teams auto

That focus just puts the icing on the cake… completely negating taunt and confuse.


I’ve always favored effects to kill enemies rather than rush damage, but yes i see it does pigeon hole players into this style, people who haven’t raided with bleed/maim teams will have a rough couple of weeks or months

Imagine a strong, tall, well trained medieval warrior. Now imagine a strong, tall, well trained medieval warrior in a suit of chainmail with a shield. Which would you rather face in a small pit?

Thank you, I was scratching my head trying to think of that phrase when writing the OP.

Unless Zach comes to the rescue and clears all bleed/burn … Getting way too ridiculous now


If she rushes, and the defense is full of other op characters… no taunt or confuse to control… trying to impair or stun a team that has all impair and stun resist mods… you might as well give up.

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I’m dying either way is my point lol

Fair point :smile: