Turn 2 teams without doc?

Any reliable turn 2 teams without doc?

Two aaravs all yellows with ap and two commands. Just hope there are no payback toons.


Doesn’t work on good Pete teams

If they use a buffer and + attack against red they could work

Not if Pete is well built.
And then t2 u have aaravs disabled and t3 pete brings em all back

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Thats true

A friend uses this team (hengyen s class)
And kills many tough teams on turn 2-3

Command rampage priya. She can kill all five

Pete teams can still use doc so that’s not a problem

20K attack Priya with Rampage and a command, plus 3 other supporting characters of your choice. They can even be trainers if you want, they just need to hold a 5 star weapon to help Priya.

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Has to be some teams with Guo that can turn 2 as well. Without a command for Doc, Guo literally achieves the same thing.

Jeremiah does -70%def to 3 toons. Everything would die turn 2 with rampage Prima and 2 x commands

Just need super high stun resist to avoid stumbling mid rush as no way to bulk disarm beforehand

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