Turn 1 team help

Someone told me if I run Lilly lead arrav with a 20% ap to self gun command rick (8% ap) doc (8% ap) and princess 20% ap weapon it’ll go off 1 turn but I don’t have any yellow 20% self guns just 20% to random teammate is that the same thing or and how do I obtain the 20% self gun cause I can’t find it to craft


Hmm I don’t have that weapon do I no where I can find it like weapon tokens or 4* weapon tokens or do I have to buy from the shop when then weapon sales are up

4 star weapons tokens and seen it as a promo once or twice

Thank you will work on getting that appreciate it

If you don’t have the yellow 20% already you have to get lucky and pull it off a weapon wheel.

What you can do is craft blue 20% and try someone instead of Aarav. Mercer can be pretty good

Ok I’ll give that a try Ill swap in princess or Mercer thank you

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