Turkey Weekend "Big Issues" Roundup


Hope all had a nice holiday break in the countries that had a holiday this weekend. I don’t live in one of those countries, so was able to keep an eye on the forums and see the biggest irks and needs and problems that arose;

  • Milestones for tournaments discourage activity instead of encourage it. Too high and prizes aren’t worth getting. If spending to get the milestones is the key behind making them so high, maybe give us a decent prize to strive for?

  • Turkey drops way too low. If the event was intended to have a significant amount of people miss one pull, then bravo. Mission accomplished. We are all corned out and not nearly enough turkeys available. Some balance next time please?

  • Region merges, the issue around locked regions has still not evolved past reopening DADE which was considered a failure by all except the people who play there actively. Please breathe some life into the dead regions!

  • Event calendar, update please!

  • Will there be more events for the plastic pieces? They seem to be a forgotten collection. And without autofarming, not many got them complete. Yet they just… sit there taunting us.

  • Wood to food ratios. What do you want us to do with the wood? Is it a sneaky way of ensuring we are unable to ghost as it sits there doing nothing? We need a wood sink! And on that note, food. Moar fud. Your offers to buy food were insulting.

No threads of amusement this week. I think morale was a bit low :frowning:

New suggestions;

  • replace supply depot points with faction assault tokens in War crates
    Replace Supply Depot in war crates for Faction Assault tokens

  • Survival Road and general Supply Depots need a refresh of ‘stuff’.

  • Show of goodwill to the players. People are losing interest, everything is a grind or unobtainable until you spend $$. There are plenty of games on the market, the bulk of the playerbase is here due to strong friendships but we don’t need this game to maintain them…

Feast or famine event

Do you mean markers or tickets?

Tickets, No. Already gaining from my activity, increase the ticket gain rate, don’t take away individual bonus from being active during war.

Markers, Yes. This would be of individual value.


I just yoinked the title from the thread I linked to :slight_smile:


If we learned anything it’s that we have to be specific. They will select the lowest value interpretation just as they did with 5s tokens VS Benedicts.


Fixed M’lord


Thank you m’lady.




I have left the bugs and glitch reports off this time.