Turkey trainers stage- worth it?


Who done this event? Worth it? It s very tough to get some Wild turkey. Someone get some Lilith or aden?

Did Turkey Map Get Nerfed And How Long To Complete Stages?

dont bother doing it if you dont have a lot of fire wood, you will only use them up and be stuck on the normal map which needs 50 one day and 140 the next day.

also its best to do it when you have all your bonus drop leaders available

they do drop trainers, sometimes 2 or 3 x burt or basil … the higher only one time drops each stage but very farmable


Seeing as ive gotten tons of gold mods from my beans, id say screw that turkey roadmap.


This is like the 20th thread asking this and the answer is still no, the answer was no yesterday and it will be no tomarrow, it will be no till the event is over then we can get rid of the eye sore turkey roadmap


Its fantastic if you’re stocked with wood…i farmed 171 assorted trainers.

Plus its fun to do…but make sure you check to train your survivors coz they will quickly accumulate. I had to do this twice so i didnt waste resources.

You get every trainer.


The Turkey map is awesome! Run it once with double drop leaders and then token it for the rest of the 30 minutes! Even with a full roster you can accumulate more trainers and go over your cap! Don’t listen to these negative Nancy’s!


Maybe I’m unlucky but I ran it last night using a drop lead and 25 faction drop lead supporters, got 2 Benny, 3 basil, 0 Liliths or Ulysses, and mostly Burts. Only 3 times I got more than 1 trainer per running. Pretty lacklustre to me but that might be my poor luck with this game


I was getting 2-3 trainers per run and running it with gold tokens. Maybe its random but im stocked up now


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