Turkey roadmaps gone already?


No notice of it not coming back? What a crappy event.


Point being I have enough to claim a turkey but no way to use it also the two characters are gone from museum, why remove them but not the turkey? :turkey:


I know it’s total BS, there still time to run them a last time. But that’s typical for them.


And I just got this pop up wtf??


Notice was given at the start of the event exactly when it would end.


So it is the 8th one more day.
Also then why are they pushing the offer I just posted that I just got.


Midnight utc was 2 hours ago, exactly when the maps ended.


Still doesn’t explain the offer being offered after the event ended then.


You can still get toons and mods in the museum. I agree, it’s silly to offer turkeys as part of the deal, but I’m guessing they’ll convert to depot points. Regardless, you can’t really complain that you were never told when the maps would stop.


So you remember messages from 20+ days ago, I know it’s asking to much for a reminder, how else could they scam people with the last minute offer after the event already ended.


Yeah… but showing an offer after the roadmap is taken off is kinda a Dio(get the reference? please someone tell me they do) move too. Pretty sure they wouldn’t check their messages from ages ago AND check if their timer is right in google.


Set a reminder on your smartphone when the longer events start. Join a line room where people pay attention and send reminders. Ask people :slightly_smiling_face: ahead of time. Become one of the people who pays attention and help others.


Some people take responsibility and track these things themselves.


Blasphemy, what is this “responsibility” that you speak of?


Don’t agree 100% but it is a valid point… even so you shouldn’t make offers of an event that ended or cannot be used any more. That is the big no no point here.


There shouldn’t be offers up that have useless items, wood and turkeys


Ok, I’ve already acknowledged that it’s silly, but just felt the need to point out that including useless items in offers is par for the course (First aid kits? Really?).


Calling it “SILLY” down playing it is what other might call fraud or crime but you are right they do this more often than not!
Also this is not offing some useless like first aid kit it is offering something that does not exist


To be fair, literally every other game I’ve played with multi day, limited time events has clearly marked, constantly visible counters for when the events and access to them ends. Some of them also send messages and notifications when less than 24 hours are remaining in said events.

The fact that this company has raised its lazy behavior to such an art form that it’s forced part of its job onto us, the players, is equal parts impressive and reprehensible.


I really wish they would bring it back too. :frowning: