Turkey Roadmap not showing

So museum collection still running but no turkey roadmap on last day? I can still cash in my beans for a wild turkey though to open the map?

Come on Scopley put the map up so people can use their bean cans they have spent weeks collecting!


Pay attention to the timelines when they announce the tourneys. just go to your inbox and you will see that the roadmaps ended just as per the mail. We always get an additional day to collect stuff… because that used to be the complain earlier.

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I think everyone throwing the message they sent about cutoff dates need to chill a bit because why have a collection active if the item you are collecting cannot even be used anymore (hello turkey) not every player is going to mark their calendars, they literally still have the turkey collection active so to the less anal player this screams there will still be an option of a road map. Scopely needs to learn actual math skills and mark their own calendars truth be told.


Well when they pulled the roadmap and collections at the same time the whole player base complained about it. Now that they giving you an additional day to collect the rewards you complain again. Wonderful… Complainers will always complain. There will always be some excuse. Oh I didn’t mark my calendar … oh some other BS.

C’mon give up on the excuses… you plain and simple didn’t pay attention…and if you don’t it just means your a casual gamer and it doesn’t make a difference to you. Even if you honestly did forget… it’s ok… you don’t need to blame someone for it



Has any form of actual life and doesnt stare at the rts screen waiting for things to tick 24/7 365

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