Turkey Offer - Worth it?

Does it still give an absurd amount of trainer drops?

I was happy with this offer. You get a free one after your purchase.
It gave me plenty of trainers, but sadly it’s not the same as it was :frowning:
I hardly got any active trainers, mostly burts and bradys and some basils

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Andreagate already forgotten. Smh


And Spend they will.
Gabriel is very OP. And the game becomes more broken. Looking forward to next CRW. NOT.


No you dont get anything but burts and bradys now from the turkey roadmap, no way to rollback since rollbacks are impossible to do

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You can always buy, take some ss and then go ask your m0ney back because they changed what you can get (assuming you’ve some previous ones, but you can find them around).

What the hell is this offer?! I used 40 raid cans to get a turkey that was nerfed a few hours before I managed to get one. How tone deaf can you be as a company?!?

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Yes!! I already bought

Just got a Ulysses from the Turkey Token run, so that’s not accurate.

Just means they need to prime the pump.
Remember X3 pulls!

It’s almost as if they have a bunch of distraction toons set aside ready to roll out as soon as fit hits the shan.

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Thats not good, that takes from thier bottom line, how are they gonna afford all you can eat pancakes at ihop now?

You’re semi-joking but your not wrong. I believe this to be 100% true.

Everyone has a short attention span these days, myself included. All it takes is an op toon to distract and then everyone forgets why they were upset and it’s business as usual.

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All they care about is money… What a joke

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