Trying to convince myself to stay in the game . . . long time player . .

I’ve been playing the game pretty much since it started. I don’t have a second job to support in game purchases, BUT I do the 70 gold a day thing, and I’ve belonged to “the club” a few months . . . basically $35/month. If there’s a cool $1 or $2 sale, I’ll do it if it’s especially good.

That being said, I play almost an hour a day . . . longer some days, but definitely every day. I know I’m not going to be in the top 3 factions because they spend enough to cover the GDP’s of small countries to keep up. Still, I liked to play some, and I tried to stay reasonably competitive. I’ve been kicked out of “competitive factions”, and that’s okay. I understand those people are more serious than me.

All that being said, the last two wars have been, well, even more frustrating that usual. I worked up what I thought would be some reasonably competitive teams, and thought I was ready. Not so much. In my S9+ team fights this weekend, on five occasions I was killed in round 1. I was trying to get an early first or second round kill with my team. The defensive team, pow, round one they killed all five of my team. The first time it happened, I just thought it was a glitch or I picked the wrong team. The second time, that got my attention. The next three times, I’m just slack jawed.

On other fights, in round two, I had one or two people that weren’t stunned. After that, in more fights than I care to think about, I would just sit back and watch 2-3 rounds just go by with my entire team either stunned or confused. While it only happened once, I got down to three people and LITERALLY, just watched till the game ran out of time. They couldn’t kill me, BUT I never got control of any of my team for the entire time limit.

I actually got used to some teams actually getting to do their abilities on round 1 and even the quick “we have extra life now” move literally on round 0. Ok, fair enough, but when you can have toons that can kill all five of another reasonably competitive team in round one before they can do anything, I don’t know where players like me go from there. I’m looking at the toons I have coming up, and they have nothing for those teams. Basically, it can only get worse because I’m not shelling out a couple of thousand bucks every time a new toon comes out. Scopely, I don’t mind paying some, not even regularly, but that doesn’t get me much of anything, and when I DO get something, it’s two generations behind. So, tomorrow I’m cancelling all my pay options, and I’ll start weaning myself off this. It’s more of a habit now, and not something I enjoy like I used to.

I have full confidence Scopely that you know what you’re doing regarding the commercial end of this game. My gut tells me that you’ll continue to play to your core audience that has the funding to keep these kind of teams up. I figure that’s what’s happening because I’m seeing more and more of these amazing teams and less of the normal people like me. I figure people like me are dropping out. It’s just sort of a bummer for me because I used to like this game, and, without a doubt, I wouldn’t consider any of your products in the future nor would I ever recommend your products to anyone because I figure this is your mode of operation. That’s NOT to say it isn’t lucrative. Evidently it is, and more power to you. I just can’t support it any longer.

If everyone wants to pile on my post, feel free. I just wanted to throw this out there. I’m a long term player, and I took a lot of lumps along the way because I paid “hundreds” a year instead of thousands a month. This past 2 wars, though, it’s so lopsided now it’s no longer fun.


Kinda wanna see your attack team cause S9+? And not to sound condescending, I’ve been F2P playing for 3 months now (barely prestige 8) and now with a team grade S10+, not even maxed :confused: not even halfway there researching armory.

And no such teams I faced this war (of same grade or around the same) that wasn’t unbeatable with f2p toons. Exception being, more than 2 S classes in a team. Even Camila and Rick combo (from season store) alone can bypass those stun and impair shields 2nd round.

But i do feel your pain and hope you find a nice attack team or some enjoyment at least. All the best bud. : )

Btw i noticed the stun impair weapons worked with abnormally high accuracy in this war.

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I have a lot of time on the game, only have SC subscription and some light purchases. The fun on this game is pursuing the collectables for the S-Class, work with my faction and help then on the faction events.

Pretty much appart from that just reforcing my team with Christa and the toons that I consider usefull on the SC collections.

Getting a good faction is a must-do, specially if them are also casual games very organized and casual spenders to FTP.

Im also on a wave 3 region so the people plays for fun and for the prizes, not getting whales makes the game more enjoyable without pressure.

Thas my recipe for now and worked well, 4 months I was on the same spot on you but getting good toons makes the game more enjoyable, gives more chances to make strategies…

Stop spending, save ur cash and use it to give to a charity. After all that’s gone on and the gates alone before we think of the VP article and the rubbish cover up after. Ur not respected. Stay until the disrespect out ways the love of ur faction but by contributing to the problem u continue to populate it


S9+ or whatever…the point is: he spent and didn’t get the experience he’s looking for.
try remove the free S class given and see how your team perform

Lol why remove the free S class when the keyword here is Free!? It’s like saying remove all 6 stars and use all your 5 star teams, and see how it performs? Bruhh

There’s spending and then there’s smart spending, then there’s f2p hustling. Noone gets the experience they are looking for no matter how much they spend, both time and money, cause of the lowest odds possible and shittiest rewards available. Even the full blown whales are dissatisfied.
But it’s not impossible to make an all around attack and def team that’s f2p to begin with? Maybe ask for help with those?

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3 months s10 + please I’ve been playing for 2 years s9 barely. And I’ve even dropped some cash to get there. It’s okay to lie but come on now.


F2p, several years now, uninstalled 2-3 weeks ago. S11 at uninstall. I just don’t care for the way Scopely runs it, and i would give the game too much time for zero value as far as improving my team. My opinion is they’ve decided to close this one but introduced S to make as much income as possible, while driving non spenders out. Still, i lurk. :fearful:

Lying about my progression? You can come to Warren and ask my faction how long have I been playing, it’s easy to call other liars when you are sceptical about possibilities.
If you want I can detail my f2p team and roster, maybe mods to help ya out.

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I am free to play also and I have an s11 team currently

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The problem lies in ‘playing for 1 hour a day’ this game requires much more of a time sink if you’re f2p


Pretty ridiculous if you have to waste so much of your free time just to stay afloat. Been bänned for one day a few months ago and it took me almost 2 days to get back into my usual league ranking. The sad part on this issue is, at the end all of the time wasted is for nothing. Spent weekend for war and for what? Not even close to 500 collectibles.

No one needs bronze mods. There are gold mods I haven’t seen in ages (especially def mods) but you will always get the same crappy crit mods. This company ain‘t innovative or creative anymore.

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I dont disagree, it’s always been the same though. If you can’t buy your way, then you’re going to have to play several hours a day just to keep on top of things. Gear etc requires grinding roadmaps, those by themselves are going to need more than an hour a day, even with salvage tokens
The op says he’s a day one player that has played for around an hour a day. This in itself explains his low team grade

Thanks for the input team. FWIW, in the factions I’ve been in, I posted my teams, asked for help, and took advice. I’m not only an old gamer, I’m an OLD gamer. LOL! I’m usually pretty good at looking at strategy and theorycrafting my strategies (sigh played DOS games . . . all text). It’s not that I can’t win some. I can . . . some. I guess where I’m at now is that I’m used to getting beat. Eh, I know I’m not spending the cash others spend. I think the thing now is that, not only am I getting beat, but I’m getting slaughtered early . . . REALLY early, lol. And other games I just sit and watch it all happen for four or five minutes completely out of control of my team. It was frustrating at first, but now it’s comical.

I can build teams that can survive, sure. But they can’t win. The game generally times out with me at half life and the other team with more blue life than the ocean, or something to that effect.

Bepis, I don’t doubt your team in the least, and congrats. I want to ask you this, though. How many of your best toons came from either really lucky draws or opportunities you had to pay for. I’M NOT CRITICIZING YOU! What I’m asking, and I don’t want an answer here, is how easily you could be S8 right now save for some fortunate pulls? I know it’s easy to say “hard work” and all, but that’s like saying hard work playing the lottery will eventually make you rich. What’s “hard work”? Buying a lot of tickets. And that’s fine, but it’s not work ethic or game skill. It’s just buying chances, and even then it doesn’t generally work.

I appreciate your offer for help. Really, I do, but if you’ve really been playing a couple of months, and basically you have two levels above me, I’d really rather know how you draw so well more than team balance or anything like that. AGAIN, NO OFFENSE, but I’m probably four really lucky draws away from being one of the most “skilled” players in my territory. Then again, so is everyone else. :slight_smile:

I’ve had some really great factions, and they’ve helped. Most of them were F2P players who were just really amazingly skilled at team creation and strategy. They were very helpful, but I never got as good as them. Then I noticed the best ones had REALLY good teams (toons). Eventually, almost all of the top ones admitted that they spent money “sometimes”. Two of them admitted they blew money on the game like a coke habit but didn’t want to admit it to the rest of the faction. Fair enough.

And like I said, I’m cool with the “whales” winning. I’m a capitalist pig and good with that. I think my problem is that even spending “some” money on the game really doesn’t get you much. You have to REALLY spend money or get REALLY lucky, or both. I’m neither. :smiley:

Thanks for the nice words, team, and thanks for not just bashing me. I had fun for a few years, but getting this level of killed sort of took the wind out of the sails.


Haha made me laugh, well played :rofl:


Hi, i think you should take the F2P Class S toon and do quickly level up… if you have your weapons upgraded there would be no problem, but you have to earn your rings in Arena it is almost the only way to stay up this huge P2W teams in war or raids, i have a s10+ team almost F2P (Diego, Holly, Earl Disarm, Priya new version pulled with oce cones in almost 3 months and Julie SC) now only Priya do not have rings and probably will not have beacuse i have to trade her for S class, but the other 4 toons have 10 rings each and honestly i beat teams with pete anderson mia zacharys etc… your mods has to be max out and full level weapons…

If the game isn’t enjoyable, quit. Logging in out of habit or in the hope that it’ll improve is just going to waste your time and leave you more resentful of that when you finally, and inevitably, do quit.


Very beautifully constructed post, witty, respectful and clear. I sincerely wish you’d find pleasure from this game since you’ve given your precious time and efforts, with a will to improve. If not, there are millions of other games. These are supposed to be fun! I’m loving cod: mobile these days.

I joined this game without hoping to win at all, even my first post in this forum, some of the regular members advised me to leave cause I was too late to join and catch up lol I can see why.

Got lucky indeed. With this transition era where a single S class when used wisely can disrupt most old school defences. That switch was me having S Class Christa. And then there was this pull I made with league coins (from an offer bag in store coupla months back “Slash tokens” worth 300 coins I reckon) and got Alice. After that I recently got lucky with 5 star token pulls back to back, pulling Ryker then Marlon and day before yesterday, Ajax shield. Levelling up the shield now.

Currently my attack and defence team is the same lol Alice lead, Rick Lacerator, Confounding Yumiko (from war tokens), Waste not Sandy and S Christa.

All maxed gold mods, heavy attack on waste not Christa and Sandy. Def and HP sets on the rest, with stun, impair, confuse resist, AP drains mods on them.

Attack became easier against red stunners recently cause they tend to hit only green on my team which is Lacerator Rick, his weapon confuses, him and Alice focus team 2nd round, bypassing shield, Sandy’s active skill and Alice’s weapon impairs, most importantly Yumiko is the dark horse here with her confounding, heavy crit based def set on her with a Kukri, she confuses almost every single hit. While everyone bamboozled to infinity, waste not def down attack from Sandy then from Christa finish it off, using Alice’s 75% attack boost. Most raids take 1-2 mins. They are not maxed yet though.

Hope this helps. Have a nice one. :slight_smile:

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I’ve got the green S dude . . . I’m leveling him up just fine. Weapon is upgraded, too.

I do arenas pretty steady. Ironically, I find those fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words.

I believe you hit on one of the sources for frustration that probably some “old guys” have. Like you said yourself, you’ve had some amazing luck in the three months you’ve been playing. Some people don’t have that level of luck, and the “luck” in the game is so drastically important (and remote), when people such as yourself really fall into it, frankly, it’s discouraging. NOT A SLEIGHT TO YOU! It’s more a character fault of my own.

What I perceive the game lacks is a reward for players who have been playing a long time or who are persistent. Take our individual situations. I’ve played a few years regularly, thrown a little money at the game, and play daily. I’m somewhat competitive. On the other hand, a player such as yourself starts, and a few lucky pulls later, you’re a few levels above anything I have. And other than throw MASSIVE amounts of money at the game, players such as myself have little or no chance at all to catch up. I’ve been in “the club” thing for about 6 months. I, literally, have had two ascendable pulls . . . both the same toon . . . neither particularly good. If you ever need a 4 Star Rob, let me know. LOL! I have them by the basketloads. And Gabe . . .

Anyway, there’s no real reward for older players such as myself. Two lucky pulls by a new player, and we’re obsolete.

Something I HAVE noticed about the game that I both like and dislike is that there is precious little opportunity to simply buy a great toon. I’ve seen once or twice opportunities to just buy a 6*, but it wasn’t a “buster” toon, and it was generally about $99. Almost exclusively, you never buy the toon. You buy chances to get a good toon, and the chances are never good, per se. Again, it’s luck.

Not trying to make more out of this than I should be (but I may be succeeding!), because, let’s face it, this is a phone game we’re talking about. It’s just the time involved, I suppose, that makes it near and dear. I mean, I enjoyed this game for a while, had some fun times, but the last wars, to me, say that even putting in SOME money and playing regularly isn’t going to be enough, anymore.

I think what I’m going to do is use up all my resources this week and see what I get out of it. I’ve got cans and whatnot, so I’m just going to dump everything into progress and see what I get. If I’m still getting one turn killed with any kind of frequency, I’ll probably dump it.

Thanks again for the great inputs, team.

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