Truly Unacceptable :(

So I been saving coins from Leagues for awhile. I see Green Cris decap come up, and decide to make a 10 pull. As I said, been saving and waiting and after all my pissing and moaning about lack of decap characters, decided to put my coins where my mouth is and try.

Soon as I push the “pull” button, game crashes. I don’t even get to see the little pixel characters dance across the screen. Once game is reloaded, of course coins are gone and no idea what or if I got anything. My roster is overfull due to free trainers.

To add insult to injury, now game is under maintenance. I hope I didn’t get anything and can get my coins back, but I have so little faith in this company.

Have a contact out to support, but this is not the first time this has happened. Three or four months ago I tried a pull and game crashed then as well.

FFS… don’t know why I even… Scrapley can’t even do this right.

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You know you still get the 10 characters, right? They will be in your roster, you just missed the animation for it.


They saved you the trouble of having to watch yourself get 10 4*s


Indeed, but if I’m going to get railed, is it to much to ask that I get to watch? All jokes aside: I didn’t really expect to get Cris, but the animation is part of it, each pop up might be the one. The fact that this “game’s” main revenue stream is pulls and they can’t even execute that well…

I suppose I just expect competence.

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I just skip past that part everytime, I don’t wanna sit and watch something that doesn’t affect the outcome.


Idk, I just built it up. Had some hopes and wanted to savor the disappointment.


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Why pull for Chris tho? He’s one of the lesser decaps and Wayland was just up should have gone for him.


Support will share your last pull results with you.

Happy Support Hunting.

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Truly requires other toons to shine. By himself he is meh.

Wayland is alright not the best decap

I went for Cris because a good decap for red green team. Like I said OP was put my coins where mouth was. Can’t play if you don’t pull Don’t think it is to far off the mark

Cris would be an addition to my play style. Yet even when I try, scopely manages to f it up. More than anything, just looking for something to play with. Yet disappointment.

Suppose so, guess I should use up my other pulls and see what I haz to work with

Just wait till they put him on a wheel like they did to other toons in walker tokens

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That’s proper treatment for old promos. Expands the amount who have a toon that is generally rare allowing for more team variety

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your topic title is trash.

theres a 3x chance youre stunned before the end of a rush without disarming the attacked toon earlier. you have a disarm or near 50% stun resist? if not youre better off without criss.

just gather coins and wait for a stash like connie, ofc with a decent toon…

Or Just let him pull what he wants

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where did i order him to pull the way i want? i just gave him an advice. may i do this on this forum?

I got this sandy at the weekend, is she a good decap?

just as a precaution

when you get a new 5* Always level them up 1 level minimum, so that they all aren’t fresh tier 1 level 1 and are placed in roster before Benedict, this will show you any new fresh pulls


Unfortunately a crashed game when you do a pull DOES NOT GUARANTEE they gave you the characters … this has happened to me on 4 separate occasions in the past and 3 of them DID NOT give me any new pulls, I had to go through support for a week


Good point must remember that myself