Troup Recruiting


With the recent exodus of many mid-tier groups and the 2nd and 3rd place factions, Troup is now recruiting all parties. Made a quick poster showing what We can offer you in Troup. You can PM me here for more detail or on Line app ID: bane909

One thing the poster does not mention is that anyone joining, can rest assured no other “super faction” or “whales faction” will come to Troup and knock them down the leaderboard.


Isn’t your region controlled by some super factions


Like 90% of the regions, there is a top faction, then there is a second place faction who is above average. Everything beyond that is wide open. There has been a mass exodus that started prior to Notorious arrival. Controlled isn’t a good word. We are more than open to helping and working with lower groups. But I see mid-tier groups seeking a place where they can compete, well that is Troup. I can assure )and will edit my top post to reflect this) that no other top groups are going to com e and knock our group further down the list.


How can you be so certain?


If I can be candid and toot our horn, it is stated (and some dispute it) but we are the top English faction, and most number ones want to stay away from us


He is low-key trying to recruit no 1 factions to compete vs them


I want ALL factions. I just see so many mid groups saying they are getting pushed out, cant score, being a punching bag. Well, here in Troup the only thing that is certain, is the top faction. EVERYTHING else beyond that is wide open for the taking. And the top faction, Notorious, is very open to dropping war defenses down to f2p levels to keep competition from being stale, working with all lower groups to improve their game. We share territories. The region is open


What about your puppet faction at #2. Are they staying? That would mean people coming in would be #3 or lower, I guess.


Your assumption is amusing, but I already disclosed it right here

I don’t speak for Infamous, I don’t know their strength as I am not a leader or member of that faction. So whoever comes would be competing for 2nd and below.


They’re a feeder faction. You moved together. You work together. You have had people move back and forth between the 3 factions you built together. You left the V of VIN behind, but let’s not kid that you set up a 90-person group and moved 60 of them to Troup together.



Feeder implies we feed points, to which we don’t. We actually slow our own selves down by not taking towers in war vs each other which makes the match take longer.

Vendetta is doing their own thing.

Im just out here feeding the trolls

Will you be satisfied if we moved Infamous to their own region?


How can you move Infamous to their own region? You have no control over them. Hell, you don’t even know if they’re any good.


I said “we” not me, as I, myself, cant make them do anything. I asked because of my statement prior to asking the question, feeding the troll :wink:
All this is hypothetical


Best wishes to you trying to keep troup alive.


Appreciate it


Why not concern yourself with your own happenings.

There is no feeding. Infamous tries to beat nortorious. I have fought in both and the fact that infamous has taken multiple lvl tournaments over notorious is not for lack of competing against each other.

Again players place their limited and incorrect views on others as if it is fact without knowing anything about how we formed.

I have fought in both. So to put it bluntly. I know the happenings. And quite frankly I have found all the players within our collective competitive and fun to play.

That’s what is important to me.


Damn. I am impressed. Beasts. Didn’t know @Bane and @Wanderer we’re in the same faction. Good stuff.


I honestly hope i get matched with Troup in Crw this weekend so i can fight Notorious. The best feeling in this game is beating a top faction who has never lost.


Annie are you ok?