Trouble with Support & Guarantee Epic on Elite Char Tokens


Trouble with Support & Guarantee Epic on 40x Elite Char Tokens

after my last 5* received from the Elite Character Tokens, I stated to collect them in bundles of 10, and open them, so I could keep track of the Guarantee Epic pull result.
Last week I opened my 4th 10 pull, all from collected tokens over the past weeks. There should have been an Epic Char in this pulls as part of the Guarantee announced and discussed on these forums. I contacted customer support in game and had a lengthy discussion trying to described my issued. After many messages back and forth they seemed to understand me – posted the chars of my last 10 pull. And told me that there is no Guarantee Epic on Elite Char Tokens.

Who is right in this case? Customer support or the Forums? Who can I talk to (without drama) to look into this case?

Thank you for your help,


Hi twintwix Dave,

I thank you for sharing your concern regarding Level Up tournament prizes.

Please understand we are assured you will be a very satisfied customer and continue to support this product.

Unfortunately no roadmap is available at this time. It appears you did not use Duct tape.

Thank you Bradley for your inquiry about events!

Keep on surviving!
Leonard, Support Tech


It should be guaranteed. Support get stuff like this wrong often, there’s a certain disconnect between them and everyone else who works for Scopely. @kalishane should be able to point you in the right direction


Awesome - real Support Techs are on the forum…
I can tell no difference from the answers I got.


I guess I have missed it somehow. Is there really a confirmation, that elite char tokens have a guaranteed 5* at least 1 in 40 pulls?

I couldn’t find anything with the search funcion. Anybody got a link?

I feel tempted to ask the support for the results of my last 40 pulls. :laughing:


This here’s the problem unfortunately.

Getting an Epic doesn’t reset your 40 counter to 0. From when the change went in, if you’d gotten your Epic on say, pull 13, that’s the guaranteed of the first 1-40. Then the next 41-80 will have another guaranteed. If you get one early in a set of 40 and then late in your next set of 40, there can be a greater than 40 gap between the two, but its still one per 40.


First off, Support is wrong about many things, especially this.

Second, I believe you are mistaken. You don’t get an epic every 40 pulls, it’s everytime you pull 40, you get an epic.

The difference is that the counter doesn’t reset right after you pulled your first epic. So let’s say you pulled your first epic on your 26th pull, you need to do 14 more pulls to reset your counter. So that means after your first epic, you actually need to do 56 more pulls to be guaranteed your second epic.

This is hard to keep track for sure, but makes way more sense in premier pulls when things are automatically reset for you.


40 pull no 5 star

Okay, I got that part. That makes it pretty tough to nail it down for us, though. ^^

Is that the minimum amount or the exact number? What I mean, can there be more than one 5* in a complete cycle of 40. And I don’t mean two 5* in two cylces close to each other.

Can I ask the ingame support, to tell me the results of the last 80 pulls? Do they respond to such requests?
I guess I should at least see one 5* in this set then, right?


Yes there’s always a chance on the Premiere and Elite wheels to have bonus 5* characters within a set of 40 beyond the 1 guaranteed.

I’m pretty sure that data exists somewhere in the system but I can’t personally guarantee that support can easily get it for you (or will) depending on the time frames.


I don’t think that’s how it works. If you get a bonus 5* in a cycle of 40, this should not be counted as the guaranteed 5* of the next cycle of 40.


If you get an epic on pull 12th and 33rd, those are still within the first 40 pulls and does not bleed over to the 2nd batch of 40 pulls. So you can still get your guaranteed 5* from your 41st-80th pull.


thank you all for the answers (espeacially @Agrajag g and @LadyGeek).
Not getting the G.Epic now, is fine. As I really don’t know the exact count.
It would be very beneficial to learn your personal G.Epic-Window number (or pull count).
Maybe I expected to get this number from support.

Getting a very wrong answer from the (German) support…this is very sad. I am sure they could pull and report the Window number, the question is - are they allowed to?

So I am pretty sure in my next 10 pull—I will get that Epic.

Best wishes,

PS Who is going to spank Support for me?


It would be useful to have a countdown so we know where we are. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to add one, as the numbers are already there in the background


@kalishane Can you please put this Elite Char Token Counter, on the communities wishlist…
This might really be easy to implement and get the Support interactions down…less stress for all.
Might even raise incentive to spend…if I know I have not received a 5* yet. I might just spend for the last few tokens.

Thank you.


Yes! Please! We shouldn’t have to message Support to find out what pull # we’re on and besides, how would you word the request for information?


Yes seems obvious these types of features should have some in-game manager or tracker tool, or even a related app.
Destiny had related app trackers, unfortunately it would be ruined by VK with this game

This is the way of things at many companies. At my office, we have a metric shit ton of stuff that gets done by “ask for a database query from dat dude” (dat dude is often me :frowning: )

We know for a fact it’s 100x more efficient for people to be able to pull their own reports with a standard template, but creating that template, creating the interface etc… someone has to do all that…

Someone has to plan ahead and think of the little things that help the player first. Someone who is an advocate for the stakeholders that are the actual players of this game.