Trouble transferring iPad data

Hi I got a new I pad but when I transferred my data onto the new I pad I was reset to rank one I have spoken to support 3 times and each time I have had a different response. Any one else had the same issue ? Not sure what to do tbh any help would be appreciated.

Have you played it out until it ask to link to facebook. If prior game was linked should relink it, if not unless you’ve spent you likely won’t be getting your game back

Believe it or not I’m not on face book. Yeah I’ve spent but I’m going around in circles with support

If you have a receipt they can link your game back. Just cut to the point and say heres my receipt for my purchases on said account please transfer it over. If you have account code and all that too.should make it much quicker

Thx for your help mate I keep getting different support agents who keep saying different things I will try the receipt again.

Support doesn’t know whats going on half the time because they don’t know anything about the game. Also sometimes it triggers an auto response. Not sure why they are having issues if you have your receipt and account info, normally it’s issues when people don’t have said items. Good luck!

I have the receipt but do not have my 9 digit code for that account.
The lvl 2 account I have now will that be the same account number as my main account ?

No it won’t be the same account code.

Thought so. I am just going in circles with support gave em all my details and purchase receipt it’s just dragging on

Someome mentioned on another thread, did you do the free week of survivals club? That’s should be enough and give them what they need.

I personally dont get why people wouldn’t make a fake Facebook account and link their account as a fail safe, if they dont have a Facebook or dont want to use their real facebook

I’ll be honest my son originally downloaded this on my phone, he got hi own phone and lost interest and I started to play. I did create a facebook for games,.plus he had one for games. Plus real ones. We don’t know what account it’s linked to and I have a 2nd acount too. Haven’t used those account in ages and no idea what’s linked to what.

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