Trophy’s glitch


I certainly was NOT an exploiter or opportunist thank you.

You’re making the BOLD assumption the monkeys at Scopes can tell the difference. Nothing from these folks would surprise me.

I showed them my trophy score froma screenshot literally the day after sr ended as i knew then there was an issue .

Remember some were rewarded. Some were not. It is very obvious looking at current board

The local crop fumes in California here could be affecting me… but to my knowledge there has only been one tournament this stretch. An SR tournament

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@Reaper73, @Narcissae, @Opie, @Zak, @WoodchuckNorris - did any of you get anywhere with this? I just kept getting “we are looking into it” responses over and over and over and over again. Actually would have finished in the coins if I’d had the trophies so I’m annoyed.

@JB.Scopely & @GR.Scopely - any word on this? Considering support are usually really good at checking and providing missing rewards, their lack of anything other than a generic holding response was ridiculous and incredibly unfair on the players who suffered considering the issue was only to limited players.


Nop, no response nor follow up from them, which isn’t surprising.

Thanks to that, I decided to retire, I spent an amazing weekend not looking at the game.


They said they were working on it and sent it to the team

Honestly I didn’t look into it, forgot about. Next tourney I will be taking some photos before and after and of my standings to submit

Same. Not that we’ll get a response other than “we’re looking into it” but there you go

That’s it. NOTHING else lol

Lmao, such a load of shit

Scopley Support: Check the forums.

Scopley on forums:…

[tumble weed rolls past]

This is exactly the type of thing that made me call out GR and all the others yesterday for their lack of communication. Pathetic.

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Taking it to the team bois