Trophy’s glitch

when survival road ended and I got my rewards but I haven’t got my trophy’s anyone else having same issue


Yeah actually, just noticed i’m on about 4k and the minimum you get is 5k so something is off here.

Well I doubt that scopelys going to do anything but I went from 1st to 23rd

I got mine awarded

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely - can you guys raise this one to the team? There is definitely some in my league who have been awarded their trophies - including some in my region

Was there any potential cost to Scopely ? No?
Ignore and enter

Same problem for me aswell.

Filed a request to their Customer care, so let’s wait and see

Thanks for pointing it out. I’m at 9k and I finished around 30th. Pretty sure I should have more

@JB.Scopely Can you help on the above please?
Customers care is again not not providing accurate information.

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They will look into it if you tell them it gave you coins instead of trophies.


I am having same issue. Ive filled reports with in game support but getting same copy/paste message. Please help @JB.Scopely

A lot of people in my faction are having same issue too

This is literally the day after SR. And I certainly didn’t miss it. In fact I ALWAYS place in top 50. As you can see some people got the trophies some did not.

Not a glitch.

Its an unintended feature.


Trophies still missing. I haven’t heard anything from support. what do you know, turns out they do suck ass…

I finished 30th according to support, which should have been good for 15k+ trophies if memory serves me right. I still don’t have that many trophies and raid/ use territory energy daily

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely can you please assist/comment on this?

Fyi what I got after 24h back and forth

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