Trophies milestones


Freeze or no Freeze. What ever is implemented to live will have bugs in it.

Shit these guys dont even know the real meaning of having test and live environments lol


Aaaaaaaa we can’t fix it hahahhahhahaha wait??? what’s that I hear in the distance another din din daaaa!! Gate glich about drop wonder if that will be able to get a fix lol scopley 99 problems and players ain’t one :astonished:


Not irate just amazed that things like this aren’t fixed immediately before holiday period starts. I can live without my milestone awards.


lol andrea gate didnt need an update and was sorted withing hours :-))))


Lol I was half kidding when I asked that


I hit the 98k milestone but never got my 1,600 for hitting the milestone. I emailed support and they said there are no issues at all for hitting milestones n getting the reward. Why is support saying this but @jb.scopley is saying there r issues


I love how they don’t care too much about this problem but the “Andrea” problem was fixed quick as S***.


I just want to know why @jb.scopely saying there is something wrong but customer support says nothing is wrong and even though i hit my 98k theres nothing they can do to give me my 1,600. Someone needs to get shit done cause why hit milestones n get nothing


No…that is unacceptable…y’all fixed the andrea fiasco proptly and this cant be fixed…bs


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