Trophies milestones

i have 93k solo trophies earn but milestone bar shows only 69k. not count with bonus trophies from event. i think in season 1 count with them.

Mine didn’t add the rewards from crw, numbers are way off.

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i have added trophies from crw and raid tournament, but not from survival road tournament.

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Can we get a time frame for when this will be fixed?

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Still not fixed. Why is this not being treated with the same level of urgency as the survivors club fiasco? It’s almost like you only care when it hurts your bottom line, and disregard bugs and glitches otherwise :thinking:

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Sorry for the slow response, I believe I addressed it on another related thread.
This is indeed a known issue we’re working on, thanks for passing it on!


This screw up is going to make it so I can only get 1 toon from season 2 store. I haven’t even hit 43k yet according to scopelys record, when in reality I’m close to the 98k milestone.

Y’all need to fix this ASAP!

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Bump this tread

Is the fix coming before season two is over? @JB.Scopely

It’s being worked on and the ETA for the fix would be the ability to claim those missions by the time Season 3 arrives.

I believe a new client (a game update) is necessary to have this one ironed out.

not got the same urgency as fixing Andrea then huh


With the holidays ahead, the app stores are closed for any app submission over the Christmas period.

Almost 3 weeks until ‘holiday period’ :unamused:

Starts now mate

I’m going to work later, I’ll tell them I can’t fix anything until next year, because ‘holiday period’


They can get away with it because they are the boss in this situation. You can’t because in your situation your not the boss so you would get fired.

Moral of the story it’s much better to be the boss.

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Year-end freezes are extremely common in IT (especially in retail). Some companies also do quarter-end freezes and board meeting freezes. This is when I do all the work that there’s no time to do when under a project crunch deadline - finalizing documentation, fixing or enhancing my reporting scripts, planning the next project, redeploying test environments, turning over tasks to tier 2, completing my HR goals/self-evaluation paperwork, etc. But, while there’s always plenty of work to do, you DO NOT make any changes that could break something.

Long answer, I guess, just to say freezes are common and that doesn’t mean we don’t work, it just means we do different work. Also, no point in being irate at Scopely because Apple/Google/Amazon have a freeze policy in place.


Freeze or no Freeze. What ever is implemented to live will have bugs in it.

Shit these guys dont even know the real meaning of having test and live environments lol