Trophies and milestones offset in leagues

I have 135k trophies, but on the milestones tab it’s shorting me 25k+


Same here. Had this problem on season 1 too… lost 100k+ trophies and support is still working on the issue. A whole week after season 1 ended

Support told me its due to my connection…so my guess is they filed it in the garbage

This problem is known and you can find your real score at your profil. Receiving milestones with your real score works (profil pic score) but the new missions are counting wrong like the milestone screen.
I thought your team was working on fixing this issue on week two of season two.


Thanks man. Appreciate the tip. Didn’t realise that the profile showed the correct trophies. Atleast now I don’t need to manually keep a track.

What ever it says in profile that’s what you have i found that out in season 1

I hit 2nd from last milestone and that part it said I was 30k short or so but on profile it showed real number that I had and got that milestone

Not only that but the side missions are not working for solo and league rankings

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yep give me my damn tokens

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