Troll team of doom!


Can’t wait to make this a reality. When I hit 120, you know where my weapon upgrades are going. Crit for Zeke! :open_mouth:

Whatcha think?


Needs more Darlene


Waste of space.


Erika will maul that team for fun lmao.


Could use another 6* tbh


lol I can’t get over Dwight’s legendary art reminds me of Solid Snake


Lmao. Hahaha :joy:


Well, this is my main team. The above will just be for the giggles on defends, i.e., in towers.


Many 6*s left in my pot. I have another Carl, two Mirabelles, another Abe, Kirkman Negan and Dwight boy coming up!


Oh look that team that like 8 out of 10 players use. Lol. Looks good. Don’t mind my salt.


Everone use 3, 5* on defense please! I like fast raids :smiley:




Just a tip, you can only proc max 2 shields per turns. So if 6* zeke crits ur other zekes wont apply a shield