Troll Polly 15 charaters

Did Troll Polly retire? I loved his videos. They were very helpful


I miss his videos, most of them were good in giving advices about the toons, hope he will reappear just like JAB…


@Trollypolly is a good guy. I enjoy watching his videos too. I sure hope he didn’t retire.


I am still around :smiley:. Just have some real life stuff and some new business avenues in life I am taking. Once everything starts to calm down I will be back. Trust me… Imma troll… The one you can trust. haha. :slight_smile:


Thank God! I thought I was doomed to watch RTS narratives in YT from now!

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Imagine people actually caring about other opinions

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Yay! I was waiting for your video on Rick but real life is way more important mate. Your content is great though, love your stuff. Definitely the one troll we can trust.

I thought @Wanderer @Kodak_black and @JB.Scopely were the trolls we could trust?


Flucking gold.

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I did say JB was number one troll in that one thread that asked who the best troll was, of course my post was removed tho :rofl:

Ya know it :heart:

Didn’t recognize you. :rofl:

On his defence he didn’t ask about the videos he asked if @Trollypolly had retired.


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