Tripp uses AR w team at full health [logged]

Tripp will use his AR even when his team has full health and no status effects to remove. I think this is a change because I don’t remember him doing this a few months ago.



I’ve seen him do this too. Sometimes not.

Yep, I’ve noticed it too.

Agree. That was new to me, too.

Only see him do it when theirs a negative effect on one of your team

Some days I feel like my whole team is a negative effect in itself. But that‘s off topic.


He does it vs walkers too despite no one having been hit


He removes all status penalties, this would include if you hit a walker and get a negative effect like bleeding or attack down on one of your team.

I have a video of him rushing when no one has taken any damage and while not being negatively effected.
There’s a link to the video of Tripp rushing when he shouldn’t.

2 Likes I used that site to upload my bug video also

Edit. Bug video not big video

Thanks, guys, I will check what’s wrong and fix it :wink:


I noticed it once or twice. I alos noticed Red 6 star Herchel will use his AS focus on Zombies levels.

Recently? This issue has been fixed for 9.2

Yeah. Happened during war too. When i Auto the walkers he kept using focus

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Yeah I first noticed it during the war. Just happened to me today on SR. And I just tested it on world map.

He is using his ar when the team is perfect health no status.

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Thanks, this issue that has been fixed was the Focus against Walkers ^^. Tripp is a new one.

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Hmm, looks like this issue is not 100% of the cases. Ive just tested Tripp in the live game version (9.2.2) and I couldn’t reproduce this issue.

I just retried again, and he only heals when I have bonus crit at the beginning of the wave on. If there’s no bonuses he doesn’t rush.

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I used Tripp as my leader yesterday while running the gear map. Every time Tripp’s ar was ready he popped it even though I had no debuffs and full health on all characters. I noticed it before and stopped using him because of this issue. So yeah.

Yeah the Focus was against Walkers. I will see if I can attach a video next time it happens.