Tripp doesn't recover disarm


Just had a raid where Tripp didn’t recover disarmed Mira lead. Was disarmed by Michonne. Stun was recovered.


That’s a good one cuz he should be recovering everything. @kalishane, bring it to the team! :stuck_out_tongue:


Tripp doesn’t recover Disarm or Decaptation, despite his AR saying he cures ALL PENALTIES.

This doesn’t make any sense…


Let’s be realistic here how does one cure decapatation? :stuck_out_tongue:


Bit of dirt and super glue and walk it off


Don’t forget to use a bit of duct tape as well. What can’t that stuff do? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In all seriousness though, I’d guess that decapitation isn’t a penalty but maybe a state like alive. It just sets the state to dead.


Pretty sure once the head is separated from the torso there’s pretty no way to come back from that.


Well at least not yet anyway :grin:


Tripp never recovered decap, which is fine. I always thought there was no cure for death. Guess I might be proven wrong when I finally get around to watching that last maze runner movie.

Back to the point. There is no good reason for Tripp not to recover disarm. It’s a living state, and he recovers everything.


It is a bug, he was supposed to cure Disarm. @SteveSanguine, Which version are you 10, or PB 11?


I’m on iOS, so I think I can only get ver 10


K, I will test him on 11 and check if it still persists there.


Also reminds me on Survival Road when Tyreese kills Rod and decapitates him, but somehow Rod still does his parting shot. Never really made sense to me lol


Tripp should remove disarm I remeber asking if he could potentially remove it and someone did say yes
Tripp cannot remove decapitate… Yet


Well, it DOES say “All Penalties”. Otherwise, it’s simply false adverticement.

Not to mention that this is a game. Do we actually need logic for this?


Yes, zombies are real and decapitation is a pain in the neck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m pretty sure a character still needs to be alive for any rush other than revive to be applied. @CombatDevIl thoughts?


Yes but heal block, it can be cured while dead because it is the only temporary status effect that persists on death.

About decapitate, it’s working as designed. @Agrajag any words about that?


Yeah Decap is no cure, Disarm should be cured


He has one last spasm and lashes out hitting the toon that killed him while his head is left on the ground. Makes total sense.