Trick to decrease war points gained?


So the 2nd rank faction in Dallas has been putting up 1 1* teams all war, which I really don’t know why but when I warred them and did an attk I noticed my point gain significantly decreased. Is that normal? I haven’t really been checking all my points scored but I just happened to notice this one. If this is supposed to be so I can see a ppl taking advantage of this in competitive wars.


If that true…that can differently be a exploit.


I thought they put up the 1* teams to give sister teams a boost in wars - you may have a point here.


Nope they just put up 1* teams against us (top faction) . I’m trying to reach 100k and getting 200 for a full attk, or maybe it’s because I went in with 2 toons ? :thinking:


you did 96 damage you lost at least 2 characters. this is not a good hit.


No I lost no characters, I just went in with 2. How can I lose characters to 1 1* ?


how did you do only 96 damage then.? 5 up is 240.


Putting up a 1 star toon wouldn’t affect the total points. It must be because you went in with two toons. Not sure why you would do that.


I didn’t think it made a difference, I knew they only had 1 1* in so I just used my tower grabbing team which is only 2 toons


I only went in with 2.


This has been going on since they changed the point system. Try doing it to the top 2 factions and watch them get shit for pets and then get pissed because now they have to work harder at getting first. I say keep it and make the top factions spend more to keep their lead.


Game counts alive toons in your team, when counting points, so it seems, it doesn’t matter if you lose 3 toons or go in with 2 - you get number of points for every one still standing in your team. Btw. Why the hell would you go in with 2 toons only?


@yacah is totally correct. It isnt because they put up 1★ but because you only went in with a two man team. The points are based on the same “maximum historic team strength” that the general order is (allegedly) based as well as the match up is based on


One more thing - number of points gained is also based on player level - I don’t know the specifics, but if someone has lower level than 100, you don’t get full number of points. So the 1* guy could be like level50 and you would also get less points than when attack player level 110.


Points total is low because you went in with 2 toons, the gain automatically calculate it as 3 of your toons is dead so it wasn’t a full hit.



X 1,000


You do get less points if they only have one toon, but it’s only 80 points because you lose 20 points per toon that wasn’t killed. Seems like a way to be killed quicker and overall not worth it if you are trying to keep the other team from scoring.


It’s not level, its highest ever team strength.

S1+ and above = 420
S1 = 360
Everything below = 300