Trick or treat smell my?


Everyone get good candy this Halloween? Or did you get tricked? One year a witch stole my Candy so I went back in her house and stole Soda from her :smile: Any stories to share this year or any other years?


Pulled for Blue Morgan, got the yellow one instead. big oof


Netted a solid 10 pounds of candy, guess being a kid still has its benefits. The last house we stopped at was hosting a party and needed to get rid of their candy, dumped the whole bowl into our bags. Concerning RTS, pulled straight 4*s from every pull I made, not good!


If you could trick or treat at scopely headquarters, you would have to give them your candy lol


Walked around with my concealed carry poking out my shirt by accident :grimacing: guess they thought it was a costume.


Worked a 20 hour day went home and went straight to sleep was a super fun day :weary:


Studied all day