Trick or Treat Gator Event Review


So this is a very spooky event because of how bad it scared me, scopes really just did the old hang out toothbrushes to kids halloween trick cause this event is just lackluster. Normally most events involve a new 6* that isn’t anything special but none the less a decent addition to a roster. However this gator event is just insanely bad even for their standards because he’s super ftp and most people have him already. The only real pro to this is that the medals and bens are useful and that this might make for a good noob event. For next time they should maybe have an actual halloween themed toon or at least put up a museum collection for free because this stash doesn’t have enough to inspire anyone to care. Better luck next year.

Final Verdict: Lackluster and lazy event a solid 2 gators out of 5 and that’s generous


Wouldn’t have minded him before Kenny. But now that Kenny is a large dropper, gator will just stay a five star.


I know they’re giving out 8 bens and all the medals but it still isn’t worth it really if you cant spare them


I’ll take it on the chin compared to last year, hell, last year, they wanted money for your treat, that was the real trick, but maybe they have something planned for Christmas that may put every one in the Christmas spirit?


Heard theyll make a 4* gabriel for Christmas


If you’d told me the log in reward was 10 gold ascendance medals a day, I’d have been pleased.

As it is, it’s the equivalent of 10 gold ascendance medals a day, a bunch of trainers including 8 Benedict’s and a whole host of other gear. Yes there is a free Gator (which many do not need, although some still don’t have a Large drop lead so this is good for some) but you don’t have to ascend him or use the gear on him…


Lame event, I got gator a few weeks ago and I plan on leaving him as a 5*.


Lame for old players (this was my 3rd Gator) but I bet players in newer regions will be happy with a 6* large dropper. I’ll take free stuff at any time but for older players like me its nothing special at all and hardly exciting


Gator is worst characters what scopes can give as reward.Almost everyone have him as 5* or 6* even jessie or shene is more usefoul than him…its my 3 gator


Ive not got him, i’ll take him but doubt i’ll ascend him

Why not make it a new character like Rick/Maggie/Lori log in events though?


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Gators gear is going on Ezekiel, lol I sacraficed the first one I got, now this is redemption, his potential is realized.


Pretty disappointing event cuz the gear sucks badly too.


it enough for a person who started a month ago to teir 4 and ascend a 5 star to a teir 2 six star


Which means it’s useless to most veteran players. Thanks I guess.


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